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Your Action Matters Now More Than Ever.

I know 5 women who haven’t been sexually abused.


I am counting every person who has been significant in my life. And this is not a small number.

Let me say that again so you understand. In roughly 100 people…I know 5 who haven’t in some way been sexually abused.

Let that sink in.

Really let that sink in.

How can this be a reality?

How can this still be a reality?

I have a number of men I have met who have also been sexually abused. Though in fairness that number is drastically lower. But enough for me to see this is not only a problem for women.

I’d like to begin by saying I don’t have an answer to this problem.

And I have never before (I don’t think) used this blog as a forum for modern day politics…

But I spend my life being relatively quiet. Being sweet. Being balanced. I’m a healer. My job, my passion, my desire is to help you become the best version of yourself.

The best.

So I don’t get to scream and rant and I certainly don’t share my politics with you (usually)….but I am appalled.



I am Appalled.

And I don’t have a solution, but I do have a request.

Please, come November 6th, VOTE.


If your Senators voted to keep a very old, tired, outdated, misogynistic story playing….help this country turn the page. I am asking you to search inside yourself. I am asking that you help us move away from bigotry, and sexism, and dare I say it…White Privileged Men…who think they matter more than me. More than you. More than we.

They don’t.

Let’s make sure they know it.

Your vote matters.

Your feelings matter.

Your health matters.

And all our peace of mind matters.

Please make voting a priority.


And for all the woman who have trusted me enough to share their stories, especially in the last two weeks as all these old memories have surfaced, thank you.