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Yes means Yes.

People are always asking me how I became intuitive. And I always smile inside to stop myself from getting on my soap box. And say calmly,


And then you say to me what everyone says, “No I’m not.”

Let’s start over shall we.

Intuition is actually in every person’s DNA. It’s just there. Believe me or not, it’s still there. It’s just a matter of how clear you can get into your listening skills.

Sound simple?

It’s not. It’s not the least bit simple. In fact it’s laced with every fear and doubt that your system can throw at you.

And behind that is even more of the same, but deeper.

And behind that, you get the idea.

So most people end up relying on what other people think is the right thing for them to do. Which I just don’t understand. I mean, how can someone else know what is right for YOU?

So let’s start over again with the understanding that you are intuitive.

Hi, you’re intuitive, now what?

Now, you can check out this vlog here…it’s a cute little diddy from Halloween when the veil was nice an thin. It has some great starter stuff….and then you can do this…

When you are asked, or you ask yourself a question, assume that there are only two answers.

Yes and No.

I don’t know get’s lumped into NO….so that still leaves just Yes and No.

Later gets lumped into No, so again, still yes and no.

Try it right now. Ask yourself a question and see what the answer is.

See I just asked myself if I wanted a doughnut…and it’s a trick question…since I’m not eating the white devil anymore it’s a no, but I really really want a doughnut….so since there is doubt, the answer (mercifully) is No.

If there is a shred of doubt, the answer is No.

It will save you thousands of dollars, I can promise you that.

What does this have to do with intuition? This is a GREAT first lesson in listening to yourself. And listening to yourself is a great way to expand your listening in general…which will make you a more open channel for hearing other messages.

Did you know when you are programming a Pendulum you ask it to spin for yes, and then you ask it to spin for no…and then you soon realize, that an inappropriate question makes it just hang down without moving.


So what I’m saying is, if you get really really good at hearing your answer to Yes and No, then you will clearly be able to use a pendulum which works solely on the idea of understanding your translations of yes and no….so wouldn’t you be crazy intuitive if you could do that?

I think yes!

So, for all those out there who think  only intuitives can be intuitive…I am here to debunk that myth.  If you really want to, you can too.  If you really want to tap into that part of yourself that I promise you is there, waiting to be listened to….think Yes and No.

It will take you down pathways you probably have never imagined.

Good Luck!  May the force be with you 🙂