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The Year of the Horse…nearing the center…let’s recap!

I hope you had as beautiful a day yesterday, summer solstice, as I did.  I hope there was ritual and friends and food and fire and intention.  I hope you took in that full yang energy….because I have a feeling this going to be some second half of the year!

Let’s recap for a moment the energy of the Horse year….while the sun is still high and bright and strong and can momentarily illuminate for us the past as well as the the present…

Remember the warnings of spontaneity….and not giving in to the incredible flow of energy but maintaining some grounding presence in it’s wake?  If you find yourself overspending or over-committing…just look at that and reign it in.  The other side of that momentum of course is to take a chance on something that feels, “right.”  (For instance selling everything and moving to Maui on a grounded whim.)

But let’s keep remembering the energy of the year, because while we may be nearing it’s crest…we do still have a lot of ground to cover.  The horse energy is actually fully actualized in Spring…so it is kinda of like studying for a huge exam, taking the exam, and then waiting to see how the information evolves and changes in your being….This is a great time!

There is an energy of acquiring a true vulnerability that will allow this new information to enter your cells and actually change them.  To bring a sense of actualization to all you have been learning and achieving!

I remember reading one blog that suggested sometime during the year of horse, to stand in front of an actual horse and talk to him/her.  To tell them about your day, really tell them…and see what happens in that vulnerable space.  I must admit, I forgot about that…I might just find a horse friend to commune with today!

Another aspect this year was about business and relationships.  Do you have an idea you have been sitting on, possibly a dream that you wish you had the courage to step into?  DO IT!  At least try, at least make some motion towards bringing it into physical reality.  I think, if you are vulnerable and act with purpose and speed.. you will be well rewarded.  This may not be the year for planning or buying a huge building you can’t afford, or hiring people you can’t pay.  But it is the year to take a physical step, do something bold, make something happen!  Announce yourself!

And relationships….same energy.  Move boldly and with vulnerability.  This is a year to step into something!

I think by this time in the year we have dried off from the intense emotional waters of the snake year (thank goodness) so you should be good to go for doing one thing that just makes you feel amazing.  Try it.  Step into it.  You have the support of the full sun. You have the support and knowledge of the Horse.  You have full masculinity in your corner giving you the strength to be that thing you WISH you were.

Now is the time.

Energetically the light is leaving little by little.  And with it, that exuberance we feel right now…that has been building since February.  The sheer momentum.

Now is the time.

Go get what’s yours!