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Wilted Kale, Tuna and Rice Noodle Salad for Spring

And a host of other goodies.  I haven’t shared a recipe in some time and just made this and thought of you all…

And I was wondering if you were wishing you had a perfect Spring salad to throw together and nosh away at.

I’m still chewing my last bite as I begin this post.  And I LOVED it.

I think you can kinda just use what you have in your house, though my version was awesome. And I think it was the dressing that really made it stand out…

Direct quote from Matthew, “Best Salad yet Baby.”  There you have it.


4 heaping handfuls of baby kale

2 Eggs (hard boiled and peeled)


Can of Wild Tuna, preferably a humane kind. I’m sure I didn’t have to say that..but you never know whose reading your blog.

1 perfectly ripe tomato

1 just about ripe avocado

1 tangerine or other citrus that’s amazingly sweet

Half a bag of Rice Fettuccine noodle, or other noodle that you prefer.


2 1/2 TBSP Olive Oil

1 TBSP Red Wine Vinegar

3/4 TBSP Toasted Sesame Oil

Small garlic clove minced

Juice of half a lime

Salt and Pepper to taste


OK.  Here’s what you do.

1) Boil the eggs until hard boiled, then peel and set aside

2) Cook the rice noodles or pasta of your choice and put aside.  (I broke mine in half before cooking so they were more manageable.)

3) In a med saucepan, or fry pan wilt the Kale with Olive Oil.  We don’t want to cook it, just wilt it. Should not take more then 3 minutes.

4) Cut all your veggies the way you like them in salads…and feel free to add others, this was just what I had in the house.  I also just kinda smoosh the tuna into smaller pieces.

5) Mix all the dressing ingredients together and then whisk it up till it looks done.

6) Put everything except the eggs into a salad bowl then drizzle the dressing on top.  Toss away until everything is all friendly with each other.

7) Add Black Sesame Seeds and the eggs to the top.


Freaking awesome Spring Salad. If you can wait for dinner, great.  Or you can just get after it right now like I did.

Yes, I’m making my paleo friendly Choc-Chip cookies for dessert.  You know me so well.

Enjoy and let me know if you come up with some variation that knocks your socks off.