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Why New Year’s Resolutions are Different this Year!

We do it every year, even the years we tell others we aren’t doing it. We always have something we want to change in ourselves and a New Year is the perfect time for a clean slate. We can measure our progress because we know exactly when January 1 was. We know how much we weighed then, or how much of our book is complete, or how much spiritual “enlightenment” we have, or how clean we keep our desk, our car, our home. Whatever you are in the market to shift simply is fair game for the beginning of the year.

Why is this year different?

I guess just saying “it is”…and moving on won’t be enough evidence for you, huh?

What if I were to tell you that keeping your resolutions this year is directly tied into who you will be for the rest of your life? What if I said that following through with your intentions will permanently alter your karma, your being, your existence in the direction your soul longs to go?

That is some heavy shit, isn’t it?

And yes, I’m being a bit dramatic, but the underlying truth is where I’m going with this.

If you have been following my newsletters and blogs and everyone else’s out there about the HUGE shift that occurred on Solstice this year, then you would be feeling me right now. This shift was about aligning with your highest good as we transition into a higher plane, and before you shake your head…examine your life since Solstice.

What’s different, I mean really different? Personally, I felt that for 3 weeks after Solstice there was this calm, gentle flow to my life that I frankly forgot could be there.

Did you?

And then what happened?

Life re-occurred. (At least it did for me and everyone I know.)

And we had two choices. Act from the new knowing-ness we learned over this last crazy intense and for lack of a better word, horrible year. Or regress to the way we were before we learned all these invaluable lessons.

And then what happened?

The times we took a breath and stepped through with grace and charm, with love and connection–the situations changed almost like magic and calm was restored.

And the times we forgot our new selves and marched through with anger and fear and jealousy…we were literally slapped in the face and reprimanded–immediately. And from there we had a choice to try again from love or be slapped and sent back again.

Did you feel it?

And how many times did you get slapped before you shook your head and woke up and remembered your new choices?

And then did you see how quickly it all changed? It was almost impossible how things lined up when we changed our minds, right? The energy rebalanced and you were left back floating in this new universal peace. Right?

So what in the hell does this have to do with a new year’s resolution?

Setting intentions and following through with them is the same as shifting your way of being in the world and sticking to it. New Year’s resolutions are your first test to your commitment to yourself. Are you your word?

So get ‘er done. Follow through. Dream big and go for it. Open your heart and breath deeply into the brightness of your being. And get to the gym if that is what your spirit is calling for.

This year it counts for more then just your abs!