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Why make love conditional?

I think  l learned there were conditions on love when I was a kid.  When it seemed I had love withheld until things were completed…chores, homework, etc.  It seemed to me back then that Love came with some kind of completed action.  That is so icky.  Have you ever felt that way?

There is a two way flow of love.  It flows into and out of our heart and both make it necessary for connection and purpose to flow through you like nectar.  Wanna know if you are at maximum love flow?

How do you feel when I say this….you are lovable fully and completely because you have a pulse?  Because you are breathed by the Universe.  Because in order to have a pulse, a trillion miracles happen inside you every single day.  And if your body goes to all the effort of pulling off way better than Houdini style magic tricks, than you MUST BE worth loving.

How does it feel to you to hear that every single cell weather you think it’s too big, or too small, or the wrong shape or not smart enough or whatever your bag is in this moment…is 100% perfect.  Right now.  and Now.  And Now.  Yes, still now.  There is no way, that it will ever be anything other than perfect even if you are in the act of making a poor choice…still 100% perfect.

The only reason that you even think that you are unlovable or wrong in anyway is that someone, or something, or some movie, or some photo told you were weren’t enough.  But all those people and experiences and things are, get this, wrong.  Dead wrong.

Do you think a flower works against all odds under the Earth pushing and shoving it’s way out of the ground to express it’s own dtulipivine creative expression and does all that hard work to bloom and then says…”But that one over there is prettier than me…  That one is taller….”  Hell no!  That flower pushes and shoves itself out into the sunlight and then sings in it’s own unique voice, “I’m over here!!!! I’m beautiful!!!  Come check me out!”


And it’s that unique nature of every single flower that we fall in love with over and over and over again.

So the next time you limit yourself with some thought that I have already proved isn’t true, when you think that you can only be loved when you complete something or finish that chore…take a big breath, jump up and down, and laugh at how silly a thought that is. Remind yourself that a trillion miracles happened JUST TODAY to make sure you were alive to be experiencing as much love as you can fit in your daily experience.

I don’t mean to Harp on about this, but do you realize that the world needs you?  Needs the exact gift you have to share.  And that gift is you loving in and out…loving you and loving others.  Finding compassion and sharing that with the world.  And only you can do it!

No pressure….but get out there and explode into a puddle of love while looking at a tree, or just because someone caught your eye and you both get to feel seen and special for just a moment.  I mean, if you knew how much the universe loves you, you would cry.  You would explode into a a billion bubbles of lovingness.

So try this for a moment if you would,  sit and feel your heart beating inside you and imagine that those beats are pulsing out self love. The love that only you caconnectionn create. Imagine for a moment that the world is missing one tiny piece that needs to be fixed and that tiny piece is you loving you. And when you love you and emanate that out into the world– you make the world a better place just by being your divine unique self.  Sit there and be unique and breath and be love…and tell me you don’t feel amazing when you open your eyes.

I’m writing this post because lately I have been extra challenged by this.  Every day I have to remind myself that I’m lovable exactly as I am just because I’m here. Because my heart beats. And somehow that feels selfish to me sometimes, like I’m not doing enough. Like I should be exercising more or I should be meditating more or I should have more clients or I should have more money, and I certainly shouldn’t have a problem loving myself…I mean I LOVE love.

And the truth of all this shadow that just loves hanging around me is that none of that matters even one iota. Because my heart is still beating. It is still radiating love. And while I am still alive I am necessary. And me being alive right now is integral to the fabric of this planet…so therefore, I am divinely loved and lovable.

And I gottta tell ya, I am looking for your unique expression. I am looking to experience what my love emanating out into the world feels like when it runs up against your love emanating into the world. Because the explosion of that, the magnitude of that, is a love I wanna get behind.

So there are full moons and eclipses and Good Fridays and Passovers all converging right now.  This is so big.  And I don’t even want to go into that now, but there is stuff coming up for everyone.  And right now, right now…there is so much energy to let that go.  Right now, right now…if you can go with the flow and keep on loving and keep in motion even if you feel too tired to do it….you will not believe the magnitude of change that is coming your way!

And if it feels too much….schedule a distance session and lets smooth it out.  And if it feels too much…then you are on the right track!

I’m just sitting here…waiting to feel that love heading my way…so start sending it over!  I’ll send it back super charged!