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When to Push and When to Let Go.

There are two competing philosophies. And it’s confusing when to put all your energy into something for manifesting. And it’s equally confusing when to trust and let go.

Which is right?

The truth is that both are right. And the timing for each is up for discussion, but given my most recent brush with manifesting and letting go…I feel like I have a bit of clarity around the subject.  So here goes…

When you have an inspired idea there is a tremendous amount of energy and excitement. You may make a plan, or enroll others to build excitement and generate ideas with you. You may contact folks who can help move the idea along and make plans for how it will look when it comes into form. You may just do all the work yourself, keeping quiet and holding space for all the manifesting within yourself. There is no wrong way to channel a great idea into existence!

And then there is the middle. In the middle, you may notice a few things. First, It gets a little hard. For instance, I have been putting all my energy towards a business venture that I birthed during meditation and see it’s value for miles and miles and miles. I wrote a business plan. I enlisted the help of others to get the idea into peoples hands who could make it evolve into reality. And then I had to wait.

Those who know me know I’m not very good at waiting.  But I did.  I waited.  I really did.

Now here is where the middle gets tricky. Where the balance gets struck. While I focused all my attention during meditation and yoga and while I was running or whenever I had a spare moment I was seeing my plan come into form. What I stopped doing was putting energy into my private practice.

Where my energy used to be spent generating clients, now I was generating an idea, and because of that, my practice slowed down.

And here is the crux. The turning point.

At what point have you generated enough enthusiasm for your new idea that you have to consciously let it go and trust that it will evolve? At what point do you start coming back into the present?

Now…I’m a bit stubborn, and as much as I knew I had to let it go…I couldn’t. It was a vision and I needed to see it become reality.

But the truth is…there was a moment in time about four weeks ago that in my heart I knew I needed to sit and wish the idea well and bless it with sage and set it free. But I wasn’t ready to trust yet.

And so what happened? I was tested. My business slowed to almost nothing. I was shown how much energy I had there. I was shown it can’t be sustained without my attention.

And I let this go on for two weeks.

And then yesterday, I sat in meditation and it became clear I had given all I could give to the effort. That if it was going to be, it would be. And if it fell, it was not the time and I had done all I could do.

And I can with a big smile say that I let it go. Let it go completely.

And how was I rewarded? My schedule immediately started filling up…and today, not 24 hours after I let it go…it came back to me.

So the paradox stands…when to hold and when to let go….and I can’t say my stubbornness will relax any time soon…but I do hope I learned something…