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When to push…and when to Breathe

This morning I woke up and went to open the blinds to the front yard and who was there but 4 fawn and a mommy deer.  So I watched them eat their fill of Holly…made a mental note not to plant edibles in the front yard…and waited until three of them hopped over the fence and one sweet little baby scooted underneath.

And then…when they had sauntered down the street I went into my office and grabbed my Animal Speaks book…and cracked it open to Deer.

It was all about the gentleness needed to fully experience the joy of a new journey.

And I bring all this up because there are days when you can get shit done and the focus is like a runaway train.  You feel me?

And then there are days when whether you want to or not…you aren’t getting off the couch and if someone could bring you some more food…salty…sweet…whatever…that would be just perfect.

Well…I just moved.  And I have more to do then I have time to do it.  And that is so not true…but we just want to be moved in already…right?

And that train with no breaks has been me for a week now…until Yesterday…when as hard as I tried to get stuff done…after my meditation….it was almost impossible to take a walk in the beautiful sun…much less unpack and find a place for this and that.

So this morning, after reading about deer then sitting for my morning meditation, the Ah-Ha was exactly that.  Knowing when it’s time to push, and honoring when it’s time to be gentle and sit around and rest and recover.

I did it subconsciously.  I didn’t walk the huge hill, I instead walked a sweet flat path.  I didn’t unpack anything and watched a lovely movie that made me cry four times…that always feels good.  I made a dinner that required very little effort with maximum taste.

But I felt guilty all day for not getting more done.

And so for those of you who push, and push, and push some more….this is for you.  When you have that day that asks you to sit still.  Try to find the space and gentleness inside your being to make that happen.

Today, I feel like I’m on fire again!  But I’m grounded in knowing that I’m not exhausted and I feel really good about taking the day off yesterday.

And yes, I was fortunate to have time to do that…my poor partner has been working to the bone…so maybe my rest rejuvenated him somehow a little too (you never know the path of energy 😉

Happy Fantastic Friday!  I don’t know what the world looks like around you, but it’s sunny and smells like fresh air and just cut grass with a hefty dose of sunshine out here.

Sending sweet loving gentle deer energy to you all!