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What’s Next? Let’s go just a little deeper….

What’s next?

I could try to make it up…let me have a go.  I’ll rip some of the pages from my book to do it.  Your wildest dreams are all about to come true, your problems are all about to be solved, your relationships will all heal, you will find that “one” you are looking for…the real “one” this time…you’ll remodel the kitchen or maybe it was the bathroom…really take up <insert hobby you have been meaning to start every year.>

How’d I do?

Does that list make you feel safe?  At ease?  More relaxed?

I hope so.

Now let’s go just a smidge deeper, shall we?    Why are those the things you want?  The things you are making yourself wrong for not achieving?  The things that keep you up at night?  Why are these the things you are waiting for?

There’s something tugging underneath that.  Isn’t there?

Move that pile of books, that craft project you’ve been meaning to finish for ten years, that exercise bike with all the old clothes to take to goodwill on it…

Yeah, what’s under there?

Let me show you…

Long walks in nature, breathing in the fresh fertile air which pulls toxins from your lungs and replenishes you with healthy air.  You become grounded, more connected with yourself and those around you.  Your mind naturally settles down as your ears stretch to hear the sounds of the forest, re-balancing your brain.

Healthy Food Choices high in protein, fiber and healthy fats.  Organic, Non-GMO foods that build healthy cells and muscles in your body.  Probiotics that heal and protect your gut–leaving you available to properly digest and absorb nutrients you need to make your mind sharp, to make healthy bones and strong muscles.  To make good choices.

Exercise which is dependent on your personal fitness level.  But use the lungs the trees are repairing.  Use the muscles your food is helping you create.  Walk briskly enough to raise your heartbeat–and stay that way–however you got there—for at least a half an hour.  Work up to that if you need to.  Get a little glisten going…the sweat is your reward.  Feel the heat and action and motivation deep in your muscles.  Watch that transform your life.

Look at your emotions and motivations.  Don’t necessarily try to change them, just notice them.  What ways are you being that don’t serve you?  They will be noticeable if you are conscious of paying attention.  Then you can decide if they fit in your life.  They aren’t just on auto pilot anymore, they are choices.  This may look like anger, fear, jealousy, foods, addictions…  Look at what makes you truly happy.  Look at what motivates you.  Look at what feels good, really good to your body, mind, and soul.  Then decide who you are. Then decide who you want to be right now.

Generosity.  First and foremost, compassion towards yourself.  Self Love.  And then you have so much more to offer others.  See the best parts of you in others…Smile at strangers.  Pick up trash just because you want to heal your planet.  Give your leftovers to a homeless person on the street as you walk by. How can you be generous just one more time today?  Even if that is with yourself.  Forgive yourself for judgement.  Forgive yourself for something you think you don’t deserve forgiveness for.  Hold the door open for someone.  Let someone with fewer items ahead of you in the line.  See how good YOU feel when you do this!

Maybe focusing on those things is enough.

Maybe solutions for the rest will appear when we are focused on other tings?  Maybe the deep compassion we are nurturing in ourselves and sharing with others can spread in the most delicious and unpredictable ways.

Maybe that’s what’s next?

I’m game to try if you are…