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What’s in a Word: Relaxation

I talk a lot.  Sometimes I’m funny.  Sometimes I bore myself.  Sometimes these amazing insights full of energy and purpose and connection that even surprise me just pop right out…and I’m like “Damn…where did that come from?”

But they are just words.  Like if I say blue…you see blue…but which blue?  Right?  And even if I say sky blue….unless we are deciding that Crayola had the market on what sky blue looked like and we both have a memory of making our construction paper skies that color…then we are in many cases not even in the same universe of connection.

Yes, I’m on my third cup of very black tea and hyper awake and it dawns on me that my favorite two words lately are Alchemical and Relaxation.  They are both in the same universe to me…but perhaps they mean nothing to you–

Nothing, now there’s a word I’d love to dive into…but alas, I’m trying this new thing called staying on point.  (I just erased a totally fascinating paragraph about the concept of nothing….you’re welcome.)

I bring this up because I have had numerous people tell me lately they would love to refer to me, but don’t know how to put what I do into words.  And I’m going to give this my best shot…but if you have a different experience, I would love to hear it.


To me…so we are on the same page…this is absolutely essential for health and healing.

If your body finds itself in a place where it is unconditionally allowed to sink into the most deepest aspects of relaxation; where you feel safe, and supported, and nurtured and cared for…then here is what is possible.


And here is what else is possible.


And this too.


So, there are a few ways to get into deep relaxation.  I have heard that professional level skiers feel it when they are going down the mountain.  I say I have heard this because that causes extreme panic for me.  I have heard that exceptional mountain bikers feel it.  Again, for me I am waiting for when I get pitched off my bike, so it doesn’t do it.  I know that folks who meditate can get there.  (Not every time for me…I’m being honest…but it does happen.)  I think it’s possible from orgasm.  I think it’s possible while writing if that’s a passion of yours. I know it’s possible for me when I’m giving a treatment and the patient is really receiving and there is that connection of spirit that just brings us both to a deeper place of peace.

I guess there are a lot of ways, but they all seem to be while you are doing something very specific that you have mastery in…a skill that allows you to let go of everything else and just be absolutely in the moment…without thinking about money, or relationships, or your job, or your kids, or the world, or what you have done wrong or not finished or any of those things that seem to creep in and harsh our buzz.

Now.  Sometimes, life gets in the way and we have stress (shocking, I know) and then our bodies start to feel it.  Our menses change.  Our backs rear up.  Our shoulders hurt.  Our migraine’s kick in.  Insomnia.  Hair loss.  Depression.  More and different body pain.  It goes on and on and depending how long we wait to find balance…the harder it gets to find peace within ourselves.

That’s where I come in.

My specialty is in relaxation.

Above all…I can bring you into your body…down below all the surface tensions and worries…you come into yourself.  And while there, you breathe.  And while there, I do all my woo-woo shit and bring you even further inside, which consequently allows you to connect with all that is.

And while you are there, breathing into that space….you will be amazed what happens. Pains shift, change, melt.  Realizations about solutions magically float into your mind.  Sleep finds you again.

And the more you can sink into that space, the more stuff shifts and changes.

And that is what I do.  Some call that place where shift happens Alchemy.  Some call it Stillpoint.

I just say my specialty is relaxation and I focus on balancing your entire bodies energy system to allow you find that space more and more often!

Does that explain a word?  A concept?  A business?  A healing?

If you have something to add…please add it!  I would love to hear your experiences.

Any by all means…share this with those who could really use this information.  I’m sure there are others who are doing this work if you don’t live in Seattle or Bellingham…but I can say with certainty…it works.

There is no magical cure.  But if you are not able to be with yourself, everything is just a band aid.

Relaxation and full being health are just a treatment away…