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What to do when you Stall

Has this happened to you? You are in a groove, a jam, a dance when everything is working and moving and the creations are becoming and the energy is so overwhelming you don’t know how to get it all done?

And for the sake of conversation, let’s say you get really really close.

And then, out of the blue…everything that was in motion, is suddenly at a drop dead stop…or at least a crawl so slow you can’t really tell that it’s moving. And in that moment you have two choices, and the choice will dictate everything that happens next.

Do you find some opening, some grace that you can pass into and keep up even the illusion of moving forward?

Or do you simply…Stall?

I hate to admit it…but I have hit a wall…and stalled. I didn’t mean to. Don’t even think I knew it was happening…and then all of a sudden I looked around and I was definitely…parked.

Ever been there? Before you even knew it, inertia gave up the good fight and you were left with this feeling that you could have done something different?

OK. Well…I have as of this moment pledged to become unstuck, un-stalled, un-everything…. And I thought I would walk you through it in case you are feeling the same way.

First…a plan is important. Know what steps you can take to make just a little movement in life.

Second. Do it. Stop making excuses. Stop saying you will do it later. Stop thinking tomorrow is a better day to get ‘er done.

The truth is…the second the inspiration hits is the ideal time to grab the tiger by the tail.  A little humor goes a really long way too…

So…make your list. And make it happen.  I know when you’re stalled that seems impossible…so make it something easy and just run with it!

Just a quick blog in hopes of inspiring something for you…but I truly must run…a lot to do….and the only way it’s gonna manifest back into the overwhelming abundance and excitement I’m used to is to just start.

One step. Then another. Brilliance will follow. I’m sure that’s universal law somewhere….

To getting shit done and making a difference in the world!