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Unrefined Salt Vs. Refined Salt. You need to know!

OK.  I got so fired up about unrefined salt that I forgot to mention some really important details…so watch the video and have your mind blown from the goodness…and then come back and read what I’ve written below to tie everything up.

If I actually knew how to use technology I would add this to the video…but since I’m basically at a grade school level with this stuff…you will have to read the rest 🙂



Here’s more skinny on SeaSalt:  Sea Salt is a whole food product that is easily used by the body. The Magnesium and Potassium in unrefined salt protect the body from the Sodium and Chloride which are naturally occuring in salt (which is what whole foods do…they protect us…) And the minerals found in unrefined salt help ground our ph to keep us “basic” and pull us out of acidity (which is one of the main reasons we feel sick.) BOOM! (By the way, the book I got this from is by Dr. David Brownstein called SALT your way to health.)

I did want to mention, and I think I mentioned this in another podcast…that Chinese herbs work so well because you get the whole plant…and all the protections that come with the plant.  Which is why modern pharmaceuticals come with so many side-effects…because they have stripped the parts they don’t find valuable…which happen to be the very parts that allow you to fully utilize the herb!

That is what is happening with refined and unrefined salt.  When it’s refined there is nothing to protect you from the harshness of the Sodium and Chloride…and when you use unrefined sea salt you have the lovely Magnesium and Potassium to make sure that you stay balanced and healthy.  Along, of course, with the over 80 other micro-nutrients that share their love with you!

OK.  Sea weeds Next Folks.  Let’s get some Iodine flowing into this discussion!


Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and read these….changing medicine with our knowledge is what VigilanteaMedcine is all about!


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