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Truly Present

I am not.

Though I try…my mind wanders. A lot.

Does this make me a bad person? Certainly not. Luckily it makes me part of this beautiful Human race, and it’s nice to remember that on a daily basis (That’s almost present moment…I’m getting warmer).

There has been so much talk about the present moment for the past ten years. It get’s louder, then fades into the distance, then starts to re-emerge…kinda like my relationship with the present moment.

I’m highly circumspect of people who say they are living in the present moment anyhow. For instance, I was just asked to do an exercise where I was getting really clear on my life goals. I had to list things and refine things and in the end I came up with an immediate list of 10 action items from my top 3 most amazing goals in my life that I can imagine…and you know what one of my top 3 goals was?

To find the present moment.

What fracking action item can I list for something that I’m technically not supposed to be thinking about because by trying to find it…I’ve already lost it, right?

The present moment can’t be premeditated.

Not to mention that making goals which we all agree is generally a good thing to do, is ALSO not in the present moment, but consciously asking you to leave the present moment and go what, 3, 5, 20 years ahead?

Are you with me?

Then why is the present moment so important anyway?

I’ll tell you why. The past is done. The future isn’t here yet, though we can do our best to make a strategic plan for life. In addition any “negative” energy you pump into thinking about the future is simply lost, wasted energy…or it’s potentially negatively affecting your future…which we can’t talk about because that’s not part of the present moment.

For instance. I have to do something on Monday and Tuesday that I’m not super psyched about…and it’s been bugging me since Friday… Why in the world am I allowing Monday and Tuesday’s shenanigans to affect me on Friday and Saturday and Sunday? That’s just giving it too much power. You see how that not being in the present moment thing has really screwed me this weekend?

So how does one get out of it? How do we come back inside so to speak and reboot and get aligned with the here and now?

I can’t tell you what works for you, but I can share what works for me. Nature.

Have you looked at the fall colors lately? (Assuming you are somewhere where leaves are changing.) Have you seen the way the rain slides off the leaves? Have you seen the way leaves fall gently to the ground? I know this morning I went running through piles and piles of leaves (listening to Kid A in case you need the whole experience of how AMAZING that was.) It brought me right into the moment.

Add to that, breath. Follow your breath…it is right here, right now…and it is ALWAYS right here, right now.

Dance. Let music move your body…that is right here, right now, front and center goodness for your soul.

Sing if you wanna…also in the present moment.

There are lots of little tricks and each one will buy you at least a moment of peace from what was and what will be. And in that place without gravity or altitude you can take a deep breath and feel the air in your lungs spread out through your whole body, making you the beautiful alive being that you are, and feel thankful, for if nothing else, then this moment.