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Top 3 Essential Oils for Cold Season

It may seem strange that a nice smelling little oil can pack such a big punch…but you would be amazed at how fabulously they not only protect you, but also help make colds and flus pass through you much more quickly and with greater ease.

Top 3 to have around during Cold and Flu Season?

Eucalyptus          Ravensare          Frankincense

Truthfully, it’s hard to pick three when there are so many, but to keep this short and not write a novel or require you to remember a ton of information I thought these three the best suitors.


Frankincense to Ward It

Eucalyptus to Open and Release

Ravensare to Rebuild

A couple of ways to use these amazing herb friends:

To stay healthy try a few drops of Ravensare on the bottom of your feet daily.  cover immediately with socks or mix in a carrier oil for a nice foot rub.

The the first sign of a cold, place a few drops of Ravensare with some oil to the back of your neck and cover with a scarf for a half hour.  If you can make yourself sweat a little, even better!

Use All three in a diffuser to purify and clear the air you and your family are breathing. (I recommend doing this daily to keep you healthy!)

If you get a cold, put Eucalyptus all over you then get in a hot shower (as hot as you can stand) and allow your pores to open and the eucalyptus to go in.  I don’t put it on my face except right below my nose.  Don’t use soap in the shower, just allow the steam to help the Eucalyptus penetrate, breathe deeply then towel off.

Twist a kleenex and then put a few drops of Eucalyptus on the tip.  Place the kleenex up one nostril and breathe!  You will smell it even if you are totally clogged.  Leave it there and breathe for a few minutes, then change nostrils after adding a few more drops of oil.  Repeat as necessary to open your nose back up!

Add a few drops of Frankincense and fresh squeezed lemon to a large glass of water and drink to help release a cold and build back up your immunity.

Do palm inhalations of Ravensare and frankincense alternately to boost your immunity and keep you healthy, or help you get healthy faster!  A great plan for if you even think you have a  cold coming!

A palm inhalation is where you take two drops of oil in your palms, rub them together, cup your hands and bring them to your nose, deeply inhaling. I imagine the oil going into my nose–up into my brain and then down into my lungs.  It’s amazing.  Take a good 5 or 6 breaths that way as often as you need a pick me up.

Chest congestion?  Mix Eucalyptus in your favorite carrier oil (I like coconut) and rub on your chest.  Cover with a blanket and relax.  I use a heat lamp or heating pad to help break up the congestion after…but I’m usually cold.  Not recommended for hot types.

Of course staying hydrated, reducing or eliminating dairy and sugar while you are producing phlegm, and getting enough rest and sleep are also great suggestions.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance in helping keep you well, or getting you back on track to health!  But keeping these three jewels around will definitely be a great investment in not only your health, but families as well!

I stock and store all three of these in the office if you are wondering where to get them, but as always,  please source your Essential Oils wisely.  I suggest and use Floracopeia.

Please Note:

Eucalyptus is contraindicating for folks with Epilepsy. Use with caution if you have high blood pressure.

Ravensara is contraindicated for pregnant women.