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Let’s see…going on a STRESS fast when first I’m injured, then I have to find a place to move and renters to fill my spot.  Then I have to pack and move to a space which happens to be 1/3 the size of my current spot.  Then, let’s just throw Mercury into retrograde while we’re at it…well, it’s a lot like going on a strict diet right before Thanksgiving.

But I must say, all and all, I’ve been doing pretty well. (My partner may disagree) It’s been great having a month to set in stone some strong rituals.  It’s also been great having a partner to lean on and remind me about what’s important in life (I did have a few moments where there was something other than sunshine coming out of my mouth.)

Here’s the truth though.  We don’t get to pick what comes at us.  We don’t get to line up all the events so everything smells like roses all the time.  What we do get to do, is practice responding in ways that enrich and beautify our lives. That leave us feeling more energized and on a forward moving path, then quite the opposite.

Since I started this particular post a day ago….all about flow…the entire world did a huge collapse all around me.  I will not lie and say I had about four hours of tears and more tears….but what I found again, is that I have created this inner wall of strength that allows me to grieve and then begins to breathe for me.  This energy that sort of washes my face and stands me up and pats me on the head and says, “You got this.”

And from a phone call with terrible news at 9 by 5 I was integrated and laughing and enjoying the company of others and resolved to not allow myself to get to those dark places it feels so easy to escape to.

It’s not like I am asking for more and more challenges…I mean you all would be OK if I started blogging about other things then stress, right?  But it is amazing to have a bench mark that lets you look at how your reaction times are changing and really appreciate being in that flow…even if it has some sections where you think you may in fact drown…

So timing is everything.  I give thanks to Mercury going back-ass-wards and presenting challenge upon challenge so that I may prove to myself that I am walking my talk.

But now I’m ready to float for a little while.

And for those who are interested, the new clinic space opens TOMORROW…and she is very very very cute.  Check out my facebook page for a few photos…and feel free to like if you haven’t already.