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Solstice 2017: Time for Shadow Work!

It’s almost here. It’s almost that beat when the planet goes dark, way dark and then before we know it…it doesn’t feel like night all the time. But it’s this place, this floating place as we glide into the shortest day, the longest dark, this is the place where the best work gets done…because it’s in the shadows that we make room for the light.

I won’t get into the astrology of where we are right now, but believe me when I say that it’s…important. (Check out Kristin Fontana and Channi Nicholas and Mystic Mamma for more information if you are curious.)

If you read my blogs you know I focus a LOT on the shadow, and with good reason. It’s only by examining the depths of something that it can be fully understood, fully integrated, and fully changed.

Tonight is the last New Moon of 2017 and I was feeling like a ceremony. I made two lists. I made a list of what I was willing to let go of. Fears that no longer serve me. Beliefs that limit me. That kind of thing. And I made a list of what I wanted to pull into my life. For my life of course that’s things like a deeper connection with my medicine and healing arts, and to be personal, it’s a life mate as well…a perfect compliment.

But it’s important to note, that for things to shift, things must be set free. And it’s easy to say, “I let go of self sabotage.” It’s an entirely different thing to take the time and disciple to do the work of shifting your relationship to self sabotage. To find the place where you realize there will always be a piece that will create this dynamic, so can you love that place too? And when you find that balance, that agreement, that understanding, then when you can sit down and write on a piece of paper to release another layer of the dynamic, it comes out with ease and almost feels like it’s lifting off the page in agreement.

Look back at your last three years. What has been repeating over and over. What have you been plagued with and turned the page on– and now sit with differently? What has been rinse-wash-repeating in your life? What have you finally made peace with? This last three years, the planet Saturn was in Sagittarius. Again, I won’t get into what that means but please check the links above if you are interested. Well….in just a few days, it’s moving on. So what has the last three years triggered in you? You have a few days to find out, make peace, and let another layer go!

All this is to say that we are in the dark here, no one is watching, it’s quiet, it’s still. When I was on Maui last my girlfriends and I went to the lava tubes. We went to the very end and turned off our flashlights and sat with our eyes open in the pitch black. We were far enough away from each other that we couldn’t even hear each other breathe. We could smell that deep center of the earth smell. It crawled inside us. And I listened to my heartbeat. She had things to tell me. Vivid images floated by like the dark was my own personal movie screen. The longer I sat, the quieter the Earth became. That stillness, if you find it, is addictive.

Go inward and hang out for a moment. Pray if that resonates. Meditate if that’s your jam. Just stare out a window if that’s what calls to you. But be still. Stay still. Feel. Listen. Yes, that’s your heartbeat…and it has a message for you.

The shadow will never go away. We are all wounded. Wounded differently, yes, but wounded all the same. And there is no way out. There is only through. This is the through. So much can be completed in the silence. You just have to listen.

Happy new moon.

Happy Solstice.

Happy endings.

And Happy Beginnings!

Mazel Tov sweet ones…