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They’re Here…..How will you hold up this Holiday Season?

I know you made fantastic proclamations last year about how you were going to do the holidays differently this year, right?

Less eating.  More exercise.  Less stress.  More zen like interactions with family.  I’m sure the list goes on and on.

I know you made a plan, and I totally believe you intend to stick to it…but do you have in place all the things you need to keep you grounded, clear, intentional, and most importantly…happy?

I’m not talking about anything external, I’m talking about an internal practice and awareness to keep you on track?


If you thought you could just will yourself into this new way of being, well I would say good luck…but what I will say is…let’s see if we can tweak that thinking just a little bit.

Would you sign up to run a marathon and not train at all, and then show up on the starting line thinking you could finish?

Would you go from a pot of coffee every morning to just drinking water when you wake up and expect to not have any side effects?

Would you trust that a season laced with sugar and alcohol and stress and expectation and history and memory and ritual could just be different because you want it to be?


I think we all know where I’m going here.

It is way too late in the game to make  a shift.  At least one that will hold.


And I don’t like to say…I can fix anything…but I can tell you what I can offer you in this particular situation.

If you are struggling with:

  • Staying Grounded
  • Being Clear
  • Feeling Heart Centered
  • Feeling entangled with past energies/memories that may be interfering with your ability to fully enjoy the holiday experience in the present.

If any of these are coming up for you–especially now–Then I am the healer for you.

And I can help.

There are three kinds of physical healing a person can seek.  First there’s physical (like Massage and in some cases Nutrition.)  Next is Structural (like Rolfing and Soma and Chiropractic)

And lastly and often forgotten, is the healing that works by aligning your spiritual and emotional energy with your physical ailments.

What do I mean?

Sometimes a headache is because your vertebrae are out on your neck.  Get an adjustment and it feels better.

Sometimes an adjustment doesn’t work, because that headache is actually messages that are trying to come through for you but you are ignoring them–they pile up giving you a headache.  Sometimes it’s because you’re being overly judgmental, which actually gives you a wicked headache.  Sometimes, your third eye is trying to open in the process of your spiritual evolution, and it makes your head hurt.

The only solution for this type of pain is the work I do.  The work I love to do.

I harmonize any emotional or spiritual rifts in an around the body and anchor that alignment with your physical body…creating a sense of wholeness and completion and of course, eliminating the pain you are experiencing physically.

It’s the holiday season…and I want you to be the brilliant light you were hoping to be.  I want you to feel the peace and joy of the Holidays in every cell of your body.  I want you to experience this holiday season exactly the way you wanted to.

Let me help make that happen.

Here is my gift to you.

10 new Bellingham Clients will receive their first Office Call for $100 in the month of December.

This is a $50 savings (First office calls are usually $150).  I only have 10 December slots allotted for this price.  So please schedule early.  As soon as they are gone, the special is over…and I really want this to the be the year the holidays are as amazing as you knew they would be.

The Holiday New Patient Special is in effect from December 1-December 30.  All appointments must be scheduled and received by December 30th.

Please call 360-597-7501 to schedule and please mention the special if you want to take advantage of it.

Wishing you the very best holiday you can imagine…I look forward to helping!