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There is a right way to put on Toilet Paper!

Yes, this is what I’m blogging about. Yes, I’m serious.

Consider this a public service announcement.

I was having lunch with my dear friend Shonagh and we tripped the light fantastic through your obvious conversations like spirit, and death, and rebirth, and source of all being…you know…regular stuff…and then for some reason I started talking about how I have ZERO virgo in my chart but that I am an absolute fiend about making sure TP goes OVER the TOP!  So much so that I turn it around if I’m in a restroom where it’s the wrong direction.

Yes, I’m using CAPS here to make it clear how serious I am about this.

I’d just like to have a sunny Friday morning rant about this in hopes of changing all your minds.  There is a time to sit back and do nothing.  But there is also a time to speak from your principles to get shit done.

For instance.  How much are we loving our President right now?  (If you don’t, I’m assuming you don’t read my blog.)

Now, I’m not assuming you feel with the same gusto about toilet paper direction as I do…and may assume me equating it’s importance to be up there with the President of the United States actually speaking from the heart about something as fundamental as the love between two people being witnessed and documented and SEEN….

And as I write this I bow to myself for seeing that I got my wires crossed and my indignation about folks not knowing about the sheer ease of grabbing tp when it’s over the top versus the frustration of having to find it when it’s on the wrong way is actually more about being so totally and completely proud to be alive during this momentous time in history when something as OBVIOUS as allowing two people who love each other to join in holy matrimony is spoken from the highest of highest in the land.

Yes.  I had coffee this morning.  And yes…it does make me more feisty.

And yes, I am OVER THE TOP happy for my gay and lesbian brother and sisters who feel seen.  And yes, I do still implore you to turn your tp around if it’s on wrong.

E out.