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The Thinning Veil Beckons you to open your Third eye! ….Part 2

Welcome back? I mean Welcome Back!!! In case you didn’t see yesterdays post, I began by offering an exercise to strengthen your clairaudience. It’s rad and totally works. It’s one I use frequently and have for years, in fact it’s become one of my central pre-meditations…it brings me into the here and now very powerfully.

Today I’d like to teach you a little trick I learned from Marie Manuchehri…I’m not sure how she learned it…so again if you want the source, she’s the one to ask.

This is to strongly open your third eye. Your third eye is the space between your your eyes and a little higher on your forehead. The third eye is the home of your intuition.

Imagine that there is a purple cone emanating from your third eye. In this exercise you see the cone spinning in a counter clockwise direction and see yourself standing in the center of the spinning cone. To make that more clear. The cone is spinning counter clockwise. You are standing still inside the cone.

At first you may get a bit dizzy. That’s ok. I used to too.

Then you may get a bit of a headache, and it may be strange to say, but that is awesome! As your intuition opens, and your third eye plays a huge role in that, there is some head discomfort. When mine started to open I actually had a constant headache for about 6 months…BUT…I am stubborn and I was really really focused on opening this chakra. Let me be the example of what NOT to do!

So this is another great one to try this week with the thinning veil!

Go slow. Honor your process. And enjoy enjoy enjoy! And remember…everyone can be highly intuitive…it just takes practice!