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The thinning veil beckons you….Grow your intuition! Part 1

Oh I do LOVE this time of year! Don’t you? The nights are just a little colder. The air smells just a little fresher. The darkness feels a little creepier? No? Ok, well maybe that’s just me.

I always feel a tingling in the air this time of year. My dreams are much more vivid. I hear things in my psychic space more clearly. And for the love of god, I am so hungry….like I’m eating for more than just me (and not in a pregnant kind of way…I’m not hinting at anything here.)

I always have patients ask me if I see more “stuff” around this time of year. And the answer is a resounding “YES!” It is so much easier to get into alternate spaces this time of year too. It’s like I almost have more access to what’s above my head, then in it. (And no blonde jokes please…especially since I’m not blonde.)

So how is it best to use this information? I think it’s a GREAT time to play with your intuition. So in honor of the thinning veil I offer a few intuition building exercises!

Ready. Set. Get your psychic on!

To Increase Your “Hearing” or Clairaudience (By the way, I learned this from a book a long time ago, and I would totally give him credit if I remembered the source. So If anyone reads this and remembers his name or the book, please leave it in the comments section.)

OK. Sit (preferably outside, but it can be inside if your space isn’t totally quiet and soundproof…like my parents house.)

This exercise is in three parts. First sit and listen to things that are just around you for up to 5 minutes. Just listen. Don’t try to understand, just listen. Feel the boundary of what you are listening up to. Can you stay just on the inside of that boundary?

After that find a mid-range and listen to that. Just listen.

After that, listen as far away as you possibly can. Just let yourself go and see how far you can listen. Just listen.

After a while, open up all your hearing and see if you can hold space for what’s right next to you, what’s mid-range and what’s super far away all at the same time.

Wicked, right?

The more you practice this, the more awesome your clairaudience will become!

For the next few days I’ll keep posting other exercises for the other senses, so you can play with your expansion of the senses during this wonderful veil thinning!

Watch out for all our invisible visitors…..muahhhhhh…..muuuaaahhh…..