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The Thinning of the Veil Part 3: Heart Connection…

Thank you for joining my discussion about this wonderful time of year when the veil thins and “physic development” is crazy heightened.

In this third installment I’d love to talk about our heart connection…which may not seem like a very physic-y thing to talk (or more appropriately write) about…but it is actually the foundation of how I make intuitive connections in my work.

This is a variation of a meditation I learned from Beth Schermer years ago…and it goes a little something like this! (I use this one because it’s BEST on a FULL MOON…which we just happen to have today…timing is everything people.)

Sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the ground or sitting in lotus. With your eyes closed pull the full moon light and energy into your crown (the very top of your head) and through your body, down through your feet and into the earth. Sit with that for a minute. Just breathe. Then mix that full moon energy with earth energy and pull that beautiful ball of energy up through your feet and right into your heart. Sit with that for a minute. Just breathe.

Then allow all that energy to pulse it’s way out and down your arms. Then down your trunk and legs. Then up through your crown again. Imagine that the truly balanced energy can fill up your body and your auric system…all 7 layers (Yes, your aura, not a bean dip.) And breathe with that. It can take a few minutes to really imagine all that energy coursing through your body. Just allow the visualization to take root.

When you are ready, you will know when..it may be 2 minutes, it may be an hour…slowly open your eyes. And see how you feel. Do you feel more open? Are you thinking nice thoughts about someone? Can you cultivate more love for some person or situation that was creating feelings OTHER than love prior to the meditation?

This is a great meditation for the end of the day, maybe while you are laying in bed trying to close down for the night. In my experience it leads to peaceful sleep and sometimes really interesting dream messages…

2 more Veil posts on the way…finishing up on Haloweeny…stay tuned!

Salud and enjoy the thinning veil!