The Space

Elisha’s Family Acupuncture

This is truly a unique space that we have filled with lots of love and comfort. I don’t think you expect to walk into a space that is quite so different. You can expect a warm, clean environment filled with lots of healing tools.

You can expect that we only carry products that Elisha would take herself. They have been tested and exceed her expectations in quality and effectiveness.

We source locally for our Chinese Herbs (using a company out of Portland Oregon.). We only use Essential Oils that are organic, therapeutic grade and return part of their profits directly to farmers (Floracopeia.). We carry a variety of products like Big Dipper Wax Works out of Seattle and Fred Soll’s Resin Sticks (which if you thought you loved incense will blow your mind!). We carry beautiful flower essences from Lotus Wei and lots of Sea Salts from SaltWorks in Redmond, Wa.

We have a tattoo wall where I asked patients how they felt before they came in and how they felt after treatment….it’s all their words and it’s an amazing list!

We have a group Neuro-Acupuncture room filled with plants, filling our office with the good green oxygen rich air that promotes exactly the kind of healing we offer here!

We have art from local artists and photographers that has been gifted to us and basically it’s just exactly the place I always wanted to hang out.

This is a one of a kind office filled with amazing people receiving the kind of healing work that fits a place as amazing as this!

Come and see for your self!