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The Return of YANG

Can you feel it? The return of Yang? 

Can you feel all the little parts of you that were asleep slowly wiggling and trying to come towards the surface?

Can you feel all the little dreams that were just fragments of ideas coalescing and winding into a definite shape, thought, smell, picture?

I feel it.

I’m getting little tiny glimpses of the dreams breaking through into just a smidge of reality.  Little glimmers that what I want in my heart of hearts is coming into being.

It’s a gestation period still, yes.  That is true.

But it is also the stirrings of Yang. The return of the source of what takes those whispers and gives them a voice. 

Can you feel it?

It’s loudest for me in mediation right now.  Where I could sit almost endlessly over the dark months…all of a sudden I want to move, to dance, to sing my mantra with a new tune that wants out of my throat.

That yang is returning like a paintbrush and I’m loving the colors!

I think another way of looking at is…..do you feel a little like you have had a cup of coffee….but you haven’t?

Now—I can appreciate, because I’m treating people all week—that there is A LOT going on right now.  Mercury Retrograde this go around is forcing you to look at your patterns of old and~update update update.

You are being asked to see a theme that runs through your life, or a period in your life, and see the thread of that time and pull….just a little tug will do. Then watch as the lessons from that period roll onto the floor in front of you.  You can sweep them away, you can burn them, you can throw them in a pot and cook them…as long as you learn from them.  As long as your next steps are born on their breath. That can seem daunting and frustrating and scary and upsetting and tiring.

So there is that happening concurrently.  But I’m asking you to be still for a moment, even in the potentially upsetting miasma of this unfolding deep information of your life…and sense the stirrings around you.

Allow that energy to permeate your awareness and see where its currents take your reckonings.

Dream Big.

What does your life  look like if it’s lived to it’s fullest?

What are the dreams that can take flight in the here and now?

What does the Bigger part of you wish for your life?  And where do the baby steps when taken lead?  What about when those baby steps become larger steps—making a momentum that life can’t ignore but feels it must become an active participate in?

If you don’t know how to dream big….ask a child what He or She wants to be when they grow up?  Ask a kid anything and listen to the beautiful unedited version of their story.  Follow that map into your own mind and let it drip into your heart.

From there let it beat it’s morse code into every cell in your body.

It sounds like freedom?  Like Space?  Like Love.

This is what the returning Yang wants from you.  Wants you to go inside and grab it strong by both hands and pull it out and fly it like a flag.

So sit.

Be still.

Feel the stirrings and see where they carry you.


You’ve got this!