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The Power of a Trigger

I can think of so many things that trigger me…I’m a trigger factory some-days.  And usually what I’m referring to is something that pushes my buttons and makes me try really hard to remember that I am a compassionate being working to radiate love.

Well, I just returned from Hong Kong and unlike when I used to cross the international date line when I was younger, this time my body has not been so quick on the reset.  I am five days back now and only today feel like my actual “normal” head is on my shoulders.  (Albeit, there is nothing normal about my head.)

So last night I got more sleep than I have since I got home…a whopping five hours…and I really wanted to sleep in since I was finally sleeping, but I had scheduled an early morning Dentist appoint.

Coming down the mountain I was getting irritated with traffic (that means there was a car in front of me) and really just upset with myself because I left ten minuets later than I should have.  And right as my blood pressure was about to jump out of my body I turned a corner and there was this HUGE rainbow all the way across the basin.


I took a huge inhale and without meaning to this equally giant smile erupted on my face.  I mean, this was a big smile.

And just like that.  I was triggered.  And this time, I was triggered into a place of peace, of Aloha, of bliss, of gratitude for living in a place where I get to see multiple rainbows every day.  The stress of travel, gone.  The stress of the car in front of me, gone.  The stress of being potentially late (which I wasn’t), gone. And there I am easing off the gas and just smiling out my window like a big dumb fool.

But I was onto something that I hadn’t realized before.  I have never considered having a trigger to trigger me out of downward spirals.  I mean we all know to deep breathe and practice our mindfulness, but this was different.  I was in an almost immediate trance because for me, rainbows are king!  For me, when I see a rainbow I am transported in a moment of seeing every rainbow I had ever seen.

From after beautiful thunderstorms as a kid on the East Coast.  To the few magical rainbows over the years in Seattle.  To all my visits to Maui where they really came alive for me in a new way.

Do you have a trigger that can pull you out of yourself?  That can free your mind and unleash your spirit?  Do you have a trigger that warms your heart?  If you don’t, maybe think about what would be.

I know I can’t call up a rainbow whenever i need one, which almost makes this even more special.  It’s a gift exactly when I need one.

So as I prepare for the next Hurricane that is making her way towards us I get a little giddy instead of stressed out..because I know there are always tons of rainbows after those storms 🙂