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The Opening Music, The Ending Music

I am so totally honored to be one of the Speaker Coaches for TedX Bellingham that’s happening in November.  I am working with 8 totally amazing humans with stories that are basically blowing my mind the deeper we get into them.

If I ever needed creative rocket fuel, I’ve got it.

One of them is about Music.  And I’m not allowed to reveal the talks just yet, even on my sweet little hidden blog, but this one speaks very loudly to me because Music is so completely fundamental to who I am as a being here on this blue planet.

The problem with Ted Talks is that you have just a few minutes to inspire an idea that really you can talk about for days on end, grab a table, some coffee and carrot cake, maybe glazed doughnuts and just talk and listen and digest and talk some more.

The rest of the speeches have an end.  They can be wrapped up tidy like a birthday present.  But this one…this one is tugging at me because each time I pull a string there is another thought that falls out.

And this morning, in front of the fire…dog noisily eating his food, cat meticulously cleaning herself, man still in dreamland, Lisa Gerrard crooning me from the stereo and I’m hearing my heartbeat.

And before all music, there was that, wasn’t there?  This perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) mechanism for keeping time, for rhythm.

There is a heartbeat, our personal symphony urging us on.  When we are nervous it speeds up to give us that exciting music from the movies to show the excitement.  When we are sad, it slows down…the long string music pulling on our emotions.  When are in love, our hearts do loops just like the careful notes played out.

We are our own jukebox.  If we listen of course.

Our heartbeat mimics our life until that last breath.  That moment when it beats no longer.  When the show is over (for now.)

And I’m sitting here, listening to this beautiful music that stirs my soul, and match it with the beat of my heart…and sink even further in.  Creating an expansion to the mood.  Creating this living vortex of understanding in my own being.

It’s just one more way we can listen to ourselves.  Can understand the amazing light-beings we are. Dimensional beyond belief.  Always changing.

I have been using Music my whole life to heighten my experiences.  I have theme songs, and party songs, and relaxing songs, and angry songs, and depressed songs, and sexy songs…and now I realize that I have been using music not to entertain me, but to get closer to my own beautiful internal song, the song of my heart.

And as I sit here, with my tea and fire and cat and dog and man who is now awake and sense my own aliveness as part of this, part of the whole picture instead of forgetting it’s importance, the whole picture just seems somehow larger, brighter, clearer, and different.

I love this new song.