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The Faces of Mercury in Retrograde

Re-think.  Re-Imagine.  Re-learn.  Re-do.  Re-explain.  Re-member.

I know what you’ve heard and probably experienced when it comes to Mercury in retrograde.  And I’ve been there and done that as well.  But lately, I’ve changed my mind about the world around me, and with it my thoughts on this tri-yearly phenomena.

Yes, the hype is true, three times a year Mercury, the planet of communication and our nearest neighbor in the sky seems to stop in it’s tracks and then travel backwards (retrograde) causing all kinds of havoc in the areas of communication.  This includes most notably technology.  But also extends to contracts, legal documents, interpersonal communication and even relationships.

Yes, I have lost everything on my hardrive during one of these retrograde periods.  Yes I have gotten into many needless snafu’s with others because we just weren’t able to hear what the other person was saying.  Yes, there was that time I bought a house during this period and lived to regret it for eight years!

But lately, I heard something that made me rethink all this.

Mercury retrograde is the time re-(insert word here) re-do, re-frame, re-learn, re-member…  It’s like a month long meditation of letting go to make space for something new.  And this one…this one falls during the Mother of letting go time.

I’m in the middle of a huge ten day meditation/Ho’oponopono for the Jewish New Year…and letting go is basically my first, middle and last name right now.  Not to mention I just left everything (almost) that I own on Maui and am living as close to homeless as one can be (and still have a roof over their sweet little head), all while enjoying myself more than I have in ages, if not forever.

So add one more to the growing pile, re-moval of ego, of thought patterns, of way of being, of reminders of the past to my plate, I will eat that right up!

And maybe it’s a good time for you to also?  What can you re-frame?  What over the past four months, or maybe even the year do you need to take a stab at re-doingRe-leasing?  And maybe even re-learning?

I have always taken fear and turned it on it’s belly and called it excitement.  I’ve experienced deep soul loss-sadness and gave it a big hug and deep breath and let it pass through me as release.  I’ve taken anger and channeled it into passion!  This is another one, taking what I normally dread….ugh…mercury retrograde….ugh communication is going to fail me for a full month and instead…empowering it!  Growing with it instead of fighting against it!

The conversation in my mind is now bring it….How can I re-do that?  Is that really what I wanted to say?  Maybe I should re-imagine that!  And of course…my phone’s not broken I just need to re-boot it 🙂

Look up in the sky and say thanks to our little traveler as he makes his way into our hearts and opens us to re-ceive in the ways that are in our highest good…even if it means we have to do some re-shuffling to feel it’s solid effects!

So this is me, re-leasing this blog to you, for some karmic re-learning!

Eclipse Blog and Meditation tips coming up in a few days…..woah am I excited about this!