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The Diary of a Really Cool Treatment

This past Monday there was magic in the stars and the sky and the universe.  Did you miss it?  Well, I was lucky enough to give a REALLY cool treatment…right during the main event!

I’ll break it down for you, a six pointed star (the star of David may be how you know this formation)  lined up in the sky and the sun was basically behind it powering this amazing celestial energy down into the planet and our cells and our very being.

No biggie.

Well, it was at 10:46 PST and I had a patient on my table…and something really remarkable happened, and I’d like to share it.

I informed my patient that her part in this was to open a meditation for herself, then her family, and then the world…and she was to focus on heart centered community.

Shortly after she began her work, I got to work making grid lines around the room to receive the incoming energy, which was already beginning to change…and I still had 10 minutes before the real party started.

When the grid lines were set, I started applying Essential Oils with the intention of opening sacred portals along her body…which at this point was becoming an offering for the planet, and lot less like her energy signature.  The portals were showing up right after each other, so I could follow their process of unlocking.

And before I had time to look at the clock, I knew it was time.  A light so bright filled the treatment room and I placed my hands on the bottoms of my patients feet, partially to ground her, but mostly to ground this treatment into the planet.

The vibration of energy was so high that after a few minutes I literally fell to my knees, still holding her feet, tears streaming from my eyes, for the energy was pure love.

This beautiful lotus blossom bloomed over her heart chakra and began to take the massive input of energy in the room in.

At this point I went over to my altar and began reciting mantra to Tara, my favorite for opening the heart chakra…feeling the light streaming into the back of my heart chakra and receiving a very special message for myself.

I think 10 minutes or so went by and I felt ready to stand up again.  I went over to check on my patient who had her energy signatures back, and felt her cranial rhythms which were amazingly free and open.

I stayed there with her for another ten minutes, just letting this amazing treatment flow, giving thanks for the blessings and the ability to have awareness of these sacred events.

When the treatment was over and she returned to her chair, sipping greedily from the cup of water, she had little memory of anything that happened except that before she fell asleep there was a very bright light, and then she felt weightless.

I do believe that her power of meditation and ability to tap into this universal love allowed us to do such a deep healing on the planet…and I bet if you check into the ground below you, you can feel that warm vibration of love that is growing by the day.

Like I said, it was a really cool treatment.

This is my blog, so I can say how I see it…and what I really feel is that right now we are being tasked with clearing our lower chakras and really, truly coming into our heart center.  I know my very old stuff is getting activated right now…and I’m doing everything in my power to heal it differently and more deeply this time, so hopefully it can be done…whatever done means.

I hope this explains any strange sensations you have been having lately…