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The Deeper the Mud, the Bigger the Lotus

…And the power to transform.

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before.  With dog on my lap, a sort of co-pilot, we take to the skies, traveling to our new home–a land that calls so sweetly and purrs into my heart like I’ve never felt before.

I, like you i’m sure, am living a life I could never have planned in a way I never saw myself living.

To be honest, I was going to follow in my parents footsteps-enter the giant brick monstrosity of corporate America and bleat out my soul until they released me.  I would have a home and a yard and kids and stuff and then when it was all done, i would travel or just pay more attention to sunset.

But–that’s not how it went for me, though I tried–and i read this quote lately, as this latest urge to uproot and transform took hold–and it sang to my soul.

The deeper the mud–the bigger the lotus.

And i don’t know how I know–but i know that i’ve been in one form of mud or another since i took my first breath–and i’m sure there will be more down the line–but i have this sense of finally blooming!

Have you ever had that moment of arriving?  I have many times–and I pushed right through it.

But today–my last morning here on the island of Maui–the place I never even thought of moving to until I was offered an amazing job.  Today–car fully packed with essentials being loaded on a boat across the Ocean to my new home, Dog on my lap and my luggage filled with healers tools and dog food, and of course a bathing suit–today there is a weightlessness that makes me take pause and explore where I am.

And i am looking at the  biggest lotus i have ever seen.  Pinks and Reds and Oranges and Whites.  Delicate and Gentle and Purposeful.

Today i pause.  And breathe.  And allow nothing from the past and hear not a squeak from the future–because this balance place–the place I have earned from staying true to the my course, and never forgetting to laugh, and always trusting love is the reward I didn’t even know I was waiting for!

Many blessings–Have an amazing day–and I’ll write you from tomorrow!