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The Channel

Every so often you get to complete something huge.  Something that requires blood, sweat and tears. Something that takes longer than you thought it would, but you keep going.  Something that becomes so much bigger than you thought it would be…and you are its champion and so you run with it, even  though many times you want to run the opposite direction.

I have been writing a novel.  It is fiction.  Something I thought I would never do.  Who am I to create a world, a story?  How could I create that kind of depth and aliveness….that kind of richness that can only be born in the depths of creativity?

I have written a novel.  It is blowing my mind….I only wrote the last word about three hours ago….but I wanted to shout it from rooftops!  I wrote the last word.  Hit save.  And started crying.

Oh, it was a good cry. Full of completion and balance, and bliss and aliveness, and contentment and love.

It was all of those things because this book has become my life.  There were times I felt I was losing myself in it.  And there were times I did.  But all of this together, combined with many sleepless nights spent visioning an entire world…and all of the lessons that passed through my life experience so I could get even clearer for my characters…and it is now done.  The last word was written.  I’m pinching myself right now.

The Channel is a book about a woman named Eret who is an inter-dimensional traveler and Creatrix.  She channels and creates worlds, and she created Earth.  She has been called back after billions of years because Earth is off it’s rails, and humans have evolved counter intuitively to nature…and she needs to find a patch, some way to save the planet.  And when she can’t understand the fundamental problem, she realizes she must become human for a life cycle.  It is her story of understanding humanity, so she can heal our wounds and re-balance the planet.

And man…is it good.  The ending which I was dreading, because I have NO idea how to heal the planet…came through about five days ago and literally blew my mind.  The story is so uplifting and dynamic and it’s so much bigger than me.  So much bigger than I probably have any idea about right now.

In a few weeks I’m going to launch a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money to pay for professional editing.  I hope even this small blurb made you want to read more and hopefully be a part of the project.  There will be much more information coming on that, but I really just wanted to share the news about the completion.

My tears of joy have stopped flowing…and believe it or not….I finished a novel, cried a bit, and then what do you think I did next?  Popped some bubbly?  Danced around the living room?  Shouted it from mountain tops?

No.  I did the dishes.  I was washing last nights dishes and thinking how weird, I finish this huge project and my first impulse is to wash dishes.

So there you have it.  I continue to baffle even myself (but I’m pretty sure I’m having some bubbly tonight.)

Thanks for being a part of the story just by sharing your energy with me over the years!

Much Aloha!