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The Bliss in Grieving

There is a certain Bliss in grieving.  As the eruption of sadness crystallizes into a thought of clarity.  A message to push you forward.  There is a certain joy underneath the mass of tissues and stiff itchy face from drying tears. A joy in unearthing.

I find that with Spring there is this joy from the sunshine and budding beauties everywhere, but there is also the culmination of sleep and the stretching yourself out, bare.  There are the growing realizations long forgotten or misremembered.

Something about Spring doesn’t allow you to fold back inward, into the depths of the soil, buried and waiting for someone else to turn out the lights.  There isn’t the same comfort in taking it one step deeper but also if we are being honest, hiding a little.

The Spring Yang is pulling you out, out of this grief.  Out of a shell long covered over and almost forgotten until you hear it’s knocking and you can no longer pretend it’s next door.

And then you have a choice.  You with the sticky stiff face and stuffed nose.  You have the choice to put all the sleeping behind you.  The stories.  The excuses.  You have the chance to turn towards the sun and see what will bloom.  What will you become?

This new you.  This new you with the recognition that you can be more.  That change is within you, around you.  This new you who can choose differently with the strength of the ancestors and the masters around you…you can be clear of the cobwebs from below and shine and glimmer like the little buttercups in the lawn.  The stories can evaporate in the dawn dewdrops and leave you with unlimited choices.

And then what?

There is a liberation even in the thought of taking a step.

Even the thought.

There is a brilliance that pours forth form your pores and calls to all those around you to join in the ascention…and you make it look so easy with that Bliss radiating from your core.

And you haven’t even taken a step yet.

That is just from the cognitive thought of change.  That is the listening and being open to the thoughts that rise.

Imagine the glitter that will surround your soul with your first step towards that new thought.  Imagine the heights you will reach from your new way of being.

And so from that sadness, from that grieving…we are left with a peace that only those who pass through this gate can achieve.  Only those with stinging faces and red eyes can appreciate.  And for your hard work and lessons learned you are dressed in sunshine and fed ambrosia and covered with blossoming flowers in every color.

And so I ask you, wasn’t it worth it?