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That Love Day

Here it is again. That Love day….

It’s one of my favorite days. It holds no expectations except that all day I find reasons to love on myself.

Extra hot long shower. You bet. Latte for no reason. Yes m’am. Sweatpants to work….indeed! (Casual Friday rules anyway 🙂

You aren’t feeling it?

This expectation that we need someone else to make us feel loved is a Hallmark lie….it’s not true now or anytime. In fact, here’s a guarantee….if you don’t love yourself there is no one in the world who will make you feel loved.

It’s like a mirror.

The more you love yourself, the more others will love you as well!

The only way to find that out is to trust me and do the hard work of learning to love yourself. And it is hard work.

The are other blogs focused on that….so I will keep that aspect short….but let me just say this.

Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel. Especially if it’s wrapped up in overpriced flowers and cheap chocolate.

If you feel sad because Hallmark wants you to have a sweetie and get roses and chocolate and all that stuff….here’s the work around. Go buy yourself roses and chocolate and enjoy the crap out of it!

If you feel angry because you don’t have a sweetie and you are sure you should….a good trip to the gym or a swift walk up a steep hill should change your mind to something more productive….

If you feel lonely because everyone has someone but you….well…in your heart you know that’s not true. And I don’t have one special someone but dozens. I got so much valentine love from my friends around the world…and if you didn’t…then perhaps it’s a message to start making yourself vulnerable and dig deep to make friends who resonate with all the beauty that’s inside you.

Don’t have any beauty inside you? First, I don’t believe that. Second…if you truly feel that way do something about it. Counseling? Not your thing….mediation, yoga, flower essences, self help books, mantra, singing, dancing in the kitchen while cooking, positive daily affirmations, book club, journaling, moon circle….I mean the list goes on and on.

We are here for such a short time in the grand scheme of things. How are you going to make your mark? How are you going to look yourself in the eye and say….I lived. I loved.

How are you going to be the best version of yourself? Really though….How are you going to be the best version of yourself. If you don’t know that answer to that….you might want to know the answer to that….

Need help?

Just ask.

(Sorry this came out late…but my site was down….however….there is still time to feel the love…so get it!)