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Turn that Irritation into a Pearl!

Life Purpose Numerology for the Week of August 5, 2015 It’s time to dream big and the world is your oyster! So…there has been a lot of “angst” these past few days.  Have you felt it?  Lots of people who I count on being sweet have been unable to keep their cool in the most …

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Letting Go Into the Stillness…

Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the Week of July 1, 2015 Letting Go into the Stillness…. Big full moon today!  It’s already different, but you know that.  We have moved into a new lesson, a lesson that will rock many of us to our core.  This months theme rests on finding that stillness before the …

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Don’t forget the stillness!

Lavender flower

Welcome the Wisdom Wednesday Life Purpose Numerology Reading for the week of June 25, 2015. Wow! That was some Solstice, huh? Seated amidst this lesson of our Arc Line, the energy that surrounds us like a protective shield… we begin this week fully planted in the middle, in the quiet, in the stillness that’s within …

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Heart Trumps All this Week!

The lessons for the Month of June ask you to look clearly and deeply at your personal integrity. And here we are at the end. Not only the end of the month, but a new Moon and the summer Solstice to boot. All eyes are on you now. And by all eyes, I mean yours! How do you measure up? How well have you answered the call to do the right thing physically, emotionally and spiritually?

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