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Fear? Love? Donnie Darco?

Hi. How are you? I’m winking at you…but of course you can’t see me because we are practicing social distancing so my cute expressions are lost in the void of technology. Ah. Well there are a few things I’d love to entertain your time with. First…I’m going to lead a facebook live meditation soon.  I’m …

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The Return of YANG

Can you feel it? The return of Yang?  Can you feel all the little parts of you that were asleep slowly wiggling and trying to come towards the surface? Can you feel all the little dreams that were just fragments of ideas coalescing and winding into a definite shape, thought, smell, picture? I feel it. …

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Being Seen

It has been a long time since I blogged. Sorry about that. Life has been in a perpetual state of movement and sitting and jotting down some thoughts has taken the back burner to simply living them. This brings me to the need to sit down today and write a few words. A few words …

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It’s hard to not be affected by what’s going on around us right now…and perhaps bringing this up on my page doesn’t have anything to do with overtly with health…but I think it needs to be said. I can say, as I watched this video below, I cried for the simple beauty of it.  The …

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Redefining Single:The Love Generator

So many of us live our lives like they are consolation prizes. Like they are placeholders for the real thing. And that seems to be getting more and more obvious to me the more people I meet and treat. And so I wanted to do some deep exploration into myself to see if I am …

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