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Meditation: As Simple As A Breath

Meditation is as simple as a breath. I think there’s been a lot of confusion lately about what meditation is. About the right way you have to sit. The right way you have to breathe. The right length of time. The right time of day. The right statues and art. I don’t think any of …

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The Thinning Veil, Fiber, and the Art of Letting Go

I know you are challenging me to make a connection about these three very different things:  The yearly thinning veil, Fiber, and the art of letting go. But if you know me…you know I love a challenge. First off, this is my absolute favorite time of year.  This wispy wonderland of illusory images and thought, …

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Slash, Burn, Start Again. Anyone?

This message keeps getting reinforced over and over and over again. Do you feel it? Are you feeling the need to purge, to let go, to try a different way? I am. Whether it’s revamping my exercise routine, cleaning out closets, reorganizing my altar space, cleaning up loose ends in relationship, or…as you can tell…scrapping …

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