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Video #4: Salt. How Much, What Kind and Why

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I spent mine reading and walking and thinking and trying to put this huge mammoth puzzle into some kind of order.  It started with finding Iodine and has moved solidly into a reality about Salt.  My word.  Refined versus unrefined and hold on folks…so much information! This week …

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Iodine Conspiracy? Let’s shed some light!

Iodine Conspiracy? Yes.  There was.  Why?  I have no earthly idea. Please enjoy and see more information below on where you can research this for yourself and get mad, and inspired, and want todo something about it! Check out these resources: Dr. Guy Abraham www.Optimox.com  Article:  The Wolff-Chaikoff Effect:  Crying Wolf? Iodine Crisis:  Lynne Farrow …

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