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Fear? Love? Donnie Darco?

Hi. How are you? I’m winking at you…but of course you can’t see me because we are practicing social distancing so my cute expressions are lost in the void of technology. Ah. Well there are a few things I’d love to entertain your time with. First…I’m going to lead a facebook live meditation soon.  I’m …

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The Thinning Veil, Fiber, and the Art of Letting Go

I know you are challenging me to make a connection about these three very different things:  The yearly thinning veil, Fiber, and the art of letting go. But if you know me…you know I love a challenge. First off, this is my absolute favorite time of year.  This wispy wonderland of illusory images and thought, …

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I’m on the RADIO!

I had the honor of being interviewed by Laura Longley on Transformational Talk Radio…..We talked all about purpose and passion and the very unique work that I’m doing. http://www.transformationtalkradio.com/meet_shows.php?id=6829# Ever wondered how to get on your path?  How to find your purpose?  Maybe this will help trigger a small step. I will honor the first …

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Why Choose Me?

So why choose me?  First, do you want to feel better?  Has someone told you you’re a hypochondriac because of THEIR frustration at not being able to help you feel better?  Have you been getting acupuncture or other therapies for years and feel better for a week or two then it comes back?  Do you …

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