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Meditation for the Masses

Meditation for the Masses: It’s the heat and depth of summer and we are so in our bodies right now! We’re being active (or wishing we were more active) and enjoying being hot (mostly enjoying). There is an ease with which we sweat and release everything that’s usually too cold and locked behind layers of clothing the …

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Back in the Pacific Northwest!

This is not how I expected my journey to go. It’s not where I thought I’d be. It couldn’t be more perfect though if I had arranged it all myself. Sometimes something larger than yourself is dictating a path and you have a choice to ignore it, though it that would be folly, or you have the …

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Full Moon: Grab it and Make it Yours!

I know you can feel the absolute pull to dig into yourself and pull out the best and brightest parts of you, right?  I mean it’s like there’s this inner knowingness that maybe has been stifled for a long time, or maybe has never participated in your life yet.  So this fire…this need to do …

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The Faces of Mercury in Retrograde

Re-think.  Re-Imagine.  Re-learn.  Re-do.  Re-explain.  Re-member. I know what you’ve heard and probably experienced when it comes to Mercury in retrograde.  And I’ve been there and done that as well.  But lately, I’ve changed my mind about the world around me, and with it my thoughts on this tri-yearly phenomena. Yes, the hype is true, …

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