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Fear? Love? Donnie Darco?

Hi. How are you? I’m winking at you…but of course you can’t see me because we are practicing social distancing so my cute expressions are lost in the void of technology. Ah. Well there are a few things I’d love to entertain your time with. First…I’m going to lead a facebook live meditation soon.  I’m …

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Creative Solutions

Can you feel it? The full yang of summer is starting it’s decline and with it just a bit of our enthusiasm, energy, our out going nature. Someone said to me yesterday he didn’t feel like interacting with the “public” today.  Which I found amusing and also enlightening.  In the world at large right now …

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“The purpose of life…”

“…is to enjoy every moment.” I just found out that Robin Williams is dead and most likely committed suicide. And this is the quote on my Yogi Tea bag…which I looked down and read moments after reading the sad news. And I paused.  I remember more than anything the joy that oozed from Robin…it was …

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Summer Treatments: Explore your Heart Fire in Balance with your Stillness

Man I love giving seasonal treatments!  Truth be told, Fall is my favorite season…but there is something so joyful about summer. Spring is definitely infused with an unburdening joy…that first deep breath of possibility…of lengthening light. And diving into the deep for processing in winter surely holds it’s work and mystery. But summer light is …

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