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Summer Treatments: Explore your Heart Fire in Balance with your Stillness

Man I love giving seasonal treatments!  Truth be told, Fall is my favorite season…but there is something so joyful about summer.

Spring is definitely infused with an unburdening joy…that first deep breath of possibility…of lengthening light.

And diving into the deep for processing in winter surely holds it’s work and mystery.

But summer light is full of a frivolity that never seems to get old.  Perhaps that’s because I live in the Pacific North West and we get maybe 8 weeks of the golden light if we are lucky…

But even so, the energy of summer harkens back to faeries in green glens…flowing gowns, mead…at least for me.  When I see that true green in the plants and the big blue in the sky I feel transported to a different place and time.

Of course walking in nature at dawn does seem to sharpen the other worldliness of the light, and big huge groves of Devil’s Claw bring that pre-historic vibe.

But Summer…and summer treatments are meant to bring your heart in alignment with all this true, deep joy.  With quite simply, happiness.

Summer is a time to look at your life and make sure it’s in alignment with what makes you authentically happy.

I’ve been doing a lot of work personally lately with patience.  With sitting and being comfortable where I am without the need to know where I’m going next.

For me, this is a difficult practice, especially in summer where there is so much light I just feel compelled, driven to keep going and going and going. To use the light!

But the other side of pure yang expansive energy of the summer, which of course we forget because the sun feels so good, and air smells divine,  is tempering that with a balance of stillness.  Because the truth we all know is that the fire of yang burns out, and will most assuredly take us with it.

Remember sweet friends, on the other side of Summer is Autumn, and with that shift a sort of dying, of letting go and coming inwards.

What if we found a way to balance the  explosive yang of summer, the fire, the activity, the movement…with periods of intentional stillness?  What if you found a way to harness that enthusiasm and use it as a sustainable fuel instead of something that will invariable burn out?

What if in Autumn you have a new intelligence that can both come inside and explore and possess that same balanced enthusiasm you learned in Summer?

You would then be creating a type of Alchemy within yourself, no?  You would be able to both go deeply and fly simultaneously.  You would almost be…dare I say…in balance!

It’s interesting to think about, yes?

Where in your life can you institute a stillness, a patience?  Where in your life can you learn to harness that energy into a stillness?  An energy that fuels your stillness?  How can you find that balance in some area of your life?

Where in your life can you learn to harness that energy into a stillness? An energy that fuels your stillness?

These are just the thoughts of a woman strolling through the woods on a summers morning…noticing how amazing I feel with each step…energized and whole and completely calm, in no hurry.  It’s when I feel best.  It’s when my brain calms way down.  It’s when my body is alive and so too my senses.  But I’m surrounded in peace.  Dare I say, Happiness.

It may be an interesting practice to explore if you so choose…

At any rate…I welcome summer with all her peaks and valleys into every cell of my existence….and I also am so thankful for the lessons she brings!

Summer attunements are a great way to get in touch with this abundance!  I’m in Bellingham all month and in Seattle on July 20th!

Happy Exploration!