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Summer Solstice Rituals

It’s almost here in the Northern Hemisphere….that beautiful energy of summer, the longest day of the year…pure Yang.  In Chinese Medicine summer is the time that belongs to the heart!  I don’t know about you…but I’m ready!

There are so many different ways I have celebrated this miraculous day of the year so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways…

First a little primer for those unused to thinking of holidays in terms of seasons…The summer solstice energetically represents the absolute fullness of life!  It’s about celebrating joy and pureness, and renewal and healing of the soul!  It’s a time to call upon your desires and whisper them on the wind and let them go!

There have been some years, when I was deeply exhausted, that the stimulation of all that energy actually had me fall asleep by 8pm.  I hope I’m not having one of those years!  But if you are…just get your intentioning and rituals done early and trust the sleep is exactly what your soul needs!

So, I’m sure you can guess that the best and most obvious way to tap into this energy is with fire.  Fire is summer’s element.  Summer is about Alchemy.  Summer is about pure and true heart love!

Let’s get to some of those rituals!

1) Intention:  The most important part of any ritual is intention…and if you are gonna have one…summer solstice is a great time to get started.  Create an intention by sitting in stillness for a few moments and ask yourself what your heart desires.  It can be more than one thing….but remember that wealth and love and passionate energetic endeavors are really up for the taking right now!  Once your heart lets you in on it’s secret…then pick one of the rituals below…or create one that feels wonderful to you!  It’s that simple!  Start every ritual by invoking this intention you just recognized!

2)  A Bonfire!  Summer is also about community….and connection…so grab your friends and get one going.  Take a moment to thank the sun and offer your wishes and intentions (and remember you can make beautiful and true wishes for friends and family that are absent).  I once had a friend who wrote my wish for me on a piece of scrap wood…and burned it for me at his bonfire far away in California.  Fire speaks loudly this season….so be clear and precise!

3) If you don’t feel like community is your bag right now, then grab a candle you will allow to burn all the way down.  When you light it spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation and then whisper your wishes into the flame.  I have done this many times…and not just for solstice celebration.  The act of whispering when you are in a place of connection is extremely powerful!  To bring more solstice energy to this ritual, consider placing beautiful summer flowers around the candle, or floating in a bowl of fresh spring water near the candle!

4)I have never done this but I have seen this done around that beautiful stump at Greenlake in Seattle…make a sweet sun mandala outside with beautiful summer flowers and petals of white, red, pink and orange.  It’s a fabulous to project to do with kids!  Of course it can be quite fun to do solo as well!


5) Make a beautiful meal from a summer harvest!  The best way to make this work for you is to experience the gratitude in your heart, swelling from nature’s gifts!  Share it with your friends or special someone though to really activate it’s power!  Remember, summer is about community!

These are some of my ideas…the ones that have served me best over the years (except the Mandala that I was lucky enough to simply experience time and time again!)

From the depth of my heart and richness of my spirit I wish you the true joy of being!  I wish you the confidence to know your desires and act on them.  I wish you the security of true friendship.  And I wish you the peace and gratitude to accept it all!

Aloha from majestic Maui!