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Stepping Into Balance Rewrites Karma!

Life Purpose Numerology for the week on July 29, 2015

Step Into Balance and Rewrite your Karma!

I always love the beginning of the month, a new lesson emerges and with it, a new set of challenges and more importantly opportunity for success!  And boy…this is a month where can get some real work done!

We finish off this month of the chariot, of stillness within the motion by coming in again.  This last week may have tested the bejesus out of you…maybe you rubbed up on some core challenges…especially from your closet where you thought they were happy hanging in the corner…but no, they emerged and showed you both how far you came, and how much havoc they can make when left unattended.

But the good news is, while you sit in the inward stillness of that uprising you are supported by a higher power that really wants to see you make a shift this time.  Little signs are everywhere showing you you are loved.  Take them as truth and incorporate them as a deep teaching, replacing this core issue that wants to fly away like smoke with the opportunity for something new.

On the first we move into a month with 8 as our lesson.  We move into a pattern of Adjustment, and Balance.  We move into allowing ourselves to explore what it feels like to be fearless.  To be supercharged.  To be free.  Breath is very important this month.  Conscious big breaths will help you step into the energy of bigness around you.  It will help you move into the mind set of making life better for not just yourself, but for those around you.  Today, the first is a big full moon.  A blue moon which just means it’s the second full moon of the month.  This one is in Aquarius…which is really asking you to pull on that pioneering spirit and take on the world with all of your unique you-ness!

Let’s look more at the 1st, our subtle body that records everything we do.  So how do we show ourselves love?  We are watching us.  We are waiting to feel the love we pour onto others turned inward and spread like honey over our entire consciousness.  Can you do it?  Can you stop and listen to what you need?  Today we lead with the heart and everyone can feel it.  It’s in everyone’s energy…so the more you open your heart, so too will those around you.  Grab a hold of that Aquarian energy and really, fully, truthfully, be who you are!

This month we pull karmically from an extra source of balance, the emperor or the neutral mind. Not only are we being asked to find that place of balance, but our soul is saturated with the yogic mind…the mind that really wants to know that space between.   The focus of self love does not dissipate this week, it intensifies with a level of mastery that urges us onward, we are getting it, picking up speed and really feeling the effects of our efforts.  Open to the internal and external demand to connect.  Open to the will of your heart and you will find your soul expands exponentially.

Don’t forget that Venus is traveling retrograde until September 6 and she will be bringing old loves back into your consciousness.  She will be bringing unfinished business to the forefront.  She will be dragging up old love wounds and asking you to not just lick them, but actually heal them!  This month will be one for a lot of journaling and processing…but the other side is unwritten if you do the work!


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