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Something amazing that happened this week!?

Tell me something amazing that’s happened in your life this week!

I mean something totally unexpected that came out of left field.

Maybe it was feeling cold and all of a sudden the sun came up and warmed you all the way to your bones?

Maybe you got a phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in years, and you had an incredible conversation, catching up between here and there?

Maybe somehow in the midst of quarantine and social isolation you fell in love?

Maybe in rummaging through your refrigerator and your freezer you found a bunch of food you forgot about and made the most amazing meal you’ve had in years!  All because you had the time and the perfect ingredients?

We can always find something to be upset about. We can always always find something to be afraid of. We can always find something to get stressed out about.

And we can always always always find something that brings us joy.

All we have to do is change our perspective.

No, I’m not asking you to forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. And that there are stressors that abound. And don’t you forget for a second that I’ve lost my job too. I have no idea when I’m gonna be able to get back to doing the healing work that my hands crave to perform.

Don’t you think for a second that I’m not worried about how long I’m gonna have money to be able to keep this show going, even with the generous and unexpected support of clients and corporations forgetting their greed momentarily–and remembering about community. That I’m not wondering if the money the government is promising me will actually come. And if so, what good will it actually do if I can’t ever re-open my business.

Don’t think for even an iota of a breath that I’m not worried about people who are far less fortunate than me. Including but not limited to the one I had to let go and only now received her food stamps…three weeks later. So many have far less. Just know it keeps me up at night. Know they are in my thoughts as I’m preparing the food that I find in the back of my freezer.

I definitely don’t pretend I’m not worried about all of my clients who I take such pride in taking care of, who I can’t treat right now.

So yes, all of that is there. That is most definitely one reality. And I’m not forgetting that. And I’m not shoving it into some dark corner.


But I am also noticing the raven perched on the tree outside right now. Preening itself. Probably on guard for when the eagle returns so he can chase him off again. Did I stop writing this blog for just a moment to watch him with my binoculars? Yes I did. Did it make my heart beat with Joy watching the simple act? Yes it did.

And I made an allusion above to falling in love in the midst of Quarantine in isolation. And you won’t believe this, but it happened to me….this happened to me! I found the man of my dreams in the middle of this entire pandemic. It’s the most impossible and yet easy love story of all time. There will be more about that later when we really need some exciting news. But even for this miracle to happen, I had to be available for it. I had to be able to find– in the midst of all this chaos– the pulse of joy.

So all of this is to say that I so completely appreciate the state of the world at the moment. Perhaps I have a unique reality to suggest that maybe this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And we either have to learn to adapt to this changing environment– which means completely altering our diet’s and stepping up our immunity. Which means diving into the parts of our lives that create stress and rooting them out from their base and setting them free– so that we are free. Perhaps that means changing our belief structure around what serves us and what does not.

But I, as always,  am up for the challenge of all challenges. I will find joy in the midst of this chaos. I will find the light and bring it into me–and let it expand to every human who wishes to take a piece of it. And I will find those moments in the day which eclipse what’s going on, and bring them into my full consciousness so I can enjoy the absolute living hell out of them!

How about you? What were the best things that happened to you this week? Let me hear them! Write them down! Scream them off your balcony so other people get inspired!

And if you can’t think of any. I challenge you this week to shift your perspective for just a moment, and see what else is out there.  I promise you….it’s out there.