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Slash, Burn, Start Again. Anyone?

This message keeps getting reinforced over and over and over again. Do you feel it? Are you feeling the need to purge, to let go, to try a different way?

I am. Whether it’s revamping my exercise routine, cleaning out closets, reorganizing my altar space, cleaning up loose ends in relationship, or…as you can tell…scrapping my business name and website and just starting over again…clean slate…

What do you think of ‘er by the way? I think the blue really accentuated my eyes. Don’t you? If you look really really hard you can see Ganesh flying around in the background…remover of obstacles…helping even more to let go of what is no longer needed.

If you haven’t read my latest newsletter it’s filled with gems. First, I’m no longer billing insurance for you. My new payment policy is here. Secondly…I actually put into words what in the hell I am doing during your session. I know. Novel.

There are other goodies too….maybe just reading it is the best idea.

There are more changes coming very very soon. My practice is moving. The funny part about all that is that I”m not sure where yet. It’s feeling like an amazing adventure. The freedom of space….like letting go totally and being supported in the wind…just waiting for that divine spark of knowing-ness…

I suppose I just wanted to bring your attention to the art of letting go. If you are feeling like you’re being called to do that…my recommendation…is lean into that. If you aren’t feeling called to do that…I might recommend to pay a little closer attention, because the energy supporting that is EVERYWHERE!

e out.