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Silence is sometimes Louder then anything!

I had one of those meditative Ah-ha’s today.  And I’m surprised it took me this long to connect the dots but I’ve been blown away all morning.

Let me back up.  Good day to you.

Every morning I sit in meditation.  I’m not a person who enjoys quieting their mind…as those of you who know me might have gathered…but I do love to sing mantra.

I also love my sound circle (which I sadly had my last one last week since I have moved…).  We begin each sound circle by singing the Seed Sounds. That can be a later post but essentially, if you chant each chakra’s “seed sound” every day you remove obstructions…it’s also a great way to warm your voice up for mantra…so it’s a win-win.

At any rate…the way I learned to sing them is that the last sound you sing on your way up the Chakra wheel is a silent Om, which you picture beginning over your head and spreading out.  Every time i do this I imagine the sound traveling to every planet at the speed of light and just bringing love.

So!  I’m getting to my point now.  Every Spring I start a 40 day Mantra practice to Lord Ganesh…the remover of obstacles…since it’s Spring…time for growth…activation of Liver Qi…time to get out of the way and let nature do it’s thing.

But today…when I was going around on my Mala beads I got really quiet..and the quieter I got, the louder the mantra felt.  I mean it felt like my house was shaking and the trees were listening and the more quiet I got…the more voluminous the waves seemed to get!

I have a beautiful Sandalwood  Ganesh that graces the top of my Altar who I sing to, and it almost seemed like I cracked some code…like NOW he was hearing me.  That my singing was always for me…but my intention was being silenced…and I just had so much energy and I went way past my 108 times with absolute pleasure!

For those who have a meditation practice that includes mantra, try this and see for yourself!  Start off normal and get into your space, then slowly lower the output volume while increasing your intention…I think it will be easier then you think it is!

Happy sitting!  Happy singing!  Happy extending your voice past time and space!