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The Fear Switch. How to Remove Unnecessary Fear from your Mind!

I was walking around the lake today and I usually wear earphones and listen to Ira Glass or some Hindi Chanting…but today I wanted to hear the snow falling from the sky. I love the sound of raindrops hitting my jacket. But what I noticed even more then the sounds of nature I was craving, were the tidbits of conversation as walkers passed me by–talking to their friends or into their phones. I never heard a whole conversation, but I can tell you the folks were not happy campers today.

It didn’t bother me. It actually made me happy to be feeling so drastically different inside. But then I walked past a women who was radiating fear. In the small bit I heard her confessing to her friend, she had a medical procedure this week and had to go back in for more. And she was terrified.

And that sorta stung me a little bit. Hit on a trigger.

Those of you who follow this sweet little blog were paying attention to all the stress blogs this past year. And the way I kinda did energy surgery on myself and separated Stress from my world…looking at how unnecessary it was. How all it did was cause problems.

And as her little verbal tidbits and energy blast of fear settled on me, I was quickly reminded about the absolute UNIMPORTANCE of experiencing fear. Or in this case, it’s the stress of the fear about something that is GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAY.

I started thinking about that.

It’s the same thing of course. Stress and Fear. They are not living in the present. They are not adding any value to a situation. And they are being created ONLY by us.

So here I am, walking in the snow and rain (actually, it’s more like rain now…sad face) and I imagine I’m looking inside my head way in the back where I see this red toggle switch. And the faceplate reads “FEAR.”

I laughed at my creativity, but then I reached into my mind and just turned that sucker off.

You know what happened? It immediately switched back on. And at the same time, all these warning bells started firing, “What if you are about to be in trouble and you need warning? What if you are about to drive over a cliff? What if you are blah blah blah…..”

I bowed to the part of me that really only wants to protect me…and reminded myself that I’m not turning off my intuition…I’m turning off the stress of worrying about something that is just going to be. I’m turning off that need to think the worst about every situation. I’m turning off the reflex to be afraid of what isn’t even happening.

“What,” I asked myself, “Is the value about being nervous about having a root canal before actually sitting in the chair, having the root canal?”

My inner wisdom was making some headway. It’s the same as the STRESS blogs. Worrying about something that is going to happen doesn’t do anything except disturb my sleep and my stomach and my mood…and my karma frankly. The underlying truth is that it’s still going to happen, and being afraid or stressed doesn’t change the only thing in the situation that is real.

“So,” I asked kindly, “Do I have your permission to turn my fear toggle off and just not worry about it, and trust my intuition to guide me?”

“I guess so,” it acquiesced.

So I went back into my brain, with my mind, and flipped that toggle switch to off. And took a big breath and it’s funny because I swear, the sun came out.

It’s Seattle, so it went away again, but just for a moment…everything was brighter.

Want to turn off yours?
1) Close your eyes and ask your mind to show you your fear toggle in your brain.
2) Use your mind to flip the switch off.
3) Deal with any “But’s” that come to mind with rational thought.
4) Check the switch again.
5) Look for sunshine.
6) Check back often to see how you’re doing…and if it’s flipped…find out why. There are some “But’s” you didn’t address.

Deep breath. Bye Bye unnecessary fear. Hello unbridled Joy, Creativity, Motivation, Love and Abundance!