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Relax your way to Enlightenment

Do you know that Buddhist temples have stairways up to them?  And these stairways are created to kind of mimic your path of evolvement spiritually?  They start shallow and easy to climb and as you progress towards the temple they get deeper and shallower and much more difficult, in that you have to really be purposeful in your steps.

This is brilliant.

I want a Buddhist temple…and I want it to show me which step I’m on.  You do too….admit it.  And I want to know if it moves backward as easily as it moves forward.  I want a clear indicator that what I’m doing is pushing me forward in life.  Don’t you?

I mean it’s clear if we let people into traffic, and chase the guy down the street who dropped a dollar so we can return it, and pick up trash we come across that we are doing good…but are we doing GOOD…as in…would we be a little further up the temple stairs?  Or just a good human being?

And then it comes to me?  What the hell am I wasting brain space about this for?  I have an internal sensor inside me, and you have one inside of you.  And when I am happy I feel lit.  When I’m having connected conversations I feel it.  When I’m opening to ideas and getting them in a core way, I get it.  And when I’m choosing poorly…oh man…I get that too.  I get little warnings, then little pleadings…then depending on how bad my choice is…a host of other corrections.

And the truth is, the more relaxed I am in my body, and and in my mind, and in my spirit…the quicker I get to react to these warning signs.

So what it really boils down to is this:  If I am relaxed: in my body, mind, and spirit…then I will have greater opportunities to move up the proverbial temple stairs of my life.

So what’s stopping me from relaxing?  Lack of self care?  Not enough time?  Not enough money?  Not enough done?  Not enough…

I look at this list and say out loud to you Phooey.  That’s right, phooey.  No Phooey…with a Capital P.

What’s more important in life?  Ignoring the things that bring us towards the most desired peace and bliss available to us on this beautiful planet?  Or worrying about something that may or may not happen?

I hope you’re with me…and I agree…this is hard shit.  But the more we put our mind where we want it…the easier it becomes to attain these very difficult concepts.

And I don’t know about you, but I want to keep traipsing up this staircase of ah-ha’s with ease and grace and purpose and clarity and love for not only myself but for all people and things.

So I think I’ll just focus on that.