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Relax your Tongue: Relax your Life! Lose the pain!

A patient walks in the other day and tells me about a meditaiton he just did where he relaxed his tongue.  Naturally, as he’s talking I check in with mine…as I’m sure you are doing with yours right now.

What did I find?

A giant freaking stress ball! That’s what I found.

It was tight, and slightly raised towards the roof of my mouth.  I was sort of sucking in my teeth with the pressure.  Upon further exploration I also noticed I had a very, very hard time relaxing the back of my tongue.  It felt like an abyss…and as my patient and I both independently explored the feelings– we came up with this sense there was fear of letting go.

Independently we both felt that.  And it was intense.

I got him on the table and had him continue to work on this since I feel things so much better through contact.  And here is what I found…totally mind blowing by the way.

Once we got his tongue to relax it opened up the back of his head, his neck, his shoulders and all the way down his spine.  It just kept unwinding all the way into his sacrum.

I was working on this concurrently and noticed the same things within myself…all the way down to my SACRUM!

Have you even for a moment ever contemplated your tongue’s role in your bodies stress??????  Have you ever thought you could relieve your BACK PAIN by relaxing your tongue?

I never had.  Never.  And I am the so called Relaxation Expert, right?

I just checked in again.  My posture is great…my breathing from my belly is full.  And my tongue was just knotted in the center of my mouth…why?

I googled it.  Musicians and Singers talk about this a lot.  And one musician says he relaxes his throat to relax his tongue.  Try it.  I’ll wait.


Relaxing your throat gets at the back of your tongue right?  The really tight spot.

I just did it again…AMAZING!

I think this bears a lot more reading and experimenting…and I will continue to look into this for you..but seemed like I should just get this out and start the conversation!

Happy Relaxing!  Happy indeed!