SAAT Allergy Treatment SUCCESS!

I had acupuncture for migraines and have been migraine free for 5 months.  We did allergy treatments for eggs, dairy and gluten and I am now able to eat all of these foods.  Elisha has improved the quality of my life.  I will be forever grateful.

Crazy Good Acupuncture lives up to its name in every way! It has been a life altering experience for me in every way. I have went from taking 24 hour allergy medicine twice a day and hiding in my house to being able to mow my own lawn and smell new mown hay! I love it.
–Howard Sims

I have a family Physician, A Physical Therapist, A sports medicine MD and an Orthopedic Surgeon BUT you are the one that really fixes me.
—Ted Teather

My husband and I have been going to Elisha for four years now. I go for energy work and he goes for pain (back and knee) relief. I love my acupuncture treatments, I feel they are the best health and healing treatments available. I go to Elisha to *treat* myself and because it is *necessary* for maintaining health. I can go in with emotional/energy struggles (such as heavy hearted, feeling overwhelmed, or uncentered) and walk away feeling the energy altered and being able to better move through life. Elisha is a modern day shaman.
–Heather Carnocki

There is always a moment in my week when I can count on having a taste of peace. That occurs at 2:30 PM as I leave my appointment at Elisha’s Family Acupuncture practice! There is just no other way to describe the relief from pain I experience, and Elisha’s genuine, knowledgeable response to all my concerns. I am fortunate to also be the recipient of the newest procedures that Acupuncture provides because of Elisha’s unfailing efforts to grow and learn everything possible to improve the health of her clients. The treatments I have experienced for neurology for my MS, and the removal of my gluten allergy have been especially successful! I feel so fortunate to be the recipient of Elisha’s expertise wisdom and kindness!
Caterina Wartes

My Fibromyalgia and Scalp Acupuncture
I started seeing Elisha in 2016 after (finally) getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had a name for my myriad of symptoms! But now what? Slight improvement for the pain and fatigue from the Western Medicine route, slow and steady improvements with Acupuncture. Progress is Progress, especially for chronic pain and fatigue.

Fast forward, and I mean FAST! My pain levels are significantly decreased. I have MORE ENERGY (seriously, I was dancing while doing dishes). The random ropes of pain around my arms or hips are all but gone. I’ve had 6 scalp treatments. SIX. I haven’t had pain levels below a 4 in YEARS. As I type this I’m noticing pain…. nowhere specific. It’s beyond cool. And such a relief!!

My first session made me realize just how tense my shoulders have been forever. Suddenly, they felt about 2 inches lower and my neck was tension-free and it felt beyond weird (in a good way!!). My pain went from about a 5 to a 4. It held for about 12 hours, with the tension and aches coming back gradually, but not returning full force. The second session held longer and I had immediate relief in my shoulders and neck. I was also working special education summer school during this time, which is generally draining!! So to hold up through that? Just wow.

I was able to see Elisha three days in the same week, then. This was magic. This was magic even though I was coming after summer school. This was magic that further reduced my rib pain, shoulder aches, my strange ropes of pain around my arms and shoulders. My pain, which fluctuated between a 4-6 depending on the body part and the time of day, went down to a 3 and then a 2. My energy increased (I was waking up on my own and not having to drag myself to the coffee pot!) and my desire for/addiction to coffee lessened its hold on me. The energy held, getting better each day; even through long, busy days. I didn’t crash from fatigue in the late afternoon, as I have nearly every day of the past…. 5 years? This was MAGIC.

 Seven treatments in and I am beyond blessed that I was here to have Elisha try this technique on. My pain levels are significantly lower day to day. Some things flare, but to a lesser degree than they used to even 3 weeks ago. A few needles in my hair, a few hours sitting in the office, and I’m feeling better than I have in years. Each treatment is lasting me at least 48 hours. It has gotten progressively longer each time I’ve seen Elisha. This means that the chronic pain, muscle spasms, shooting and burning pains, and general aches are barely noticeable. This means that I can do more than 1 activity in a day. I can shower AND grocery shop AND meet a friend for coffee. If you don’t know fibro well, then it might be hard to see those as major activities. They can be exhausting. But I did all three yesterday. And didn’t have to lay down in the afternoon, exhausted and in pain.
I don’t know how it works or why it works so well for me, but I don’t need to know. It’s my kind of magic. It lowers my pain, increases my energy, makes my life possible again. I was DANCING while doing the dishes this week! That’s how good I felt. Fast Magic!! And I plan on continuing the magic as long as I can. This is but the start of this journey. And we got here FAST!

Sarah Stevens–Beyond Grateful and Blessed Fibromyalgia Patient

My name is Nita and I would like to tell you what Elisha has done for me.

I don’t even know how to start. When I came to Elisha I had a terrible cough. Let me begin by telling you in 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I did chemo which gave me a heart attack and almost killed me. I now have a Pacemaker. Then I had a mastectomy followed by Radiation. As an after effect I was left with a terrible cough. I tried all kinds of treatments and multiple Doctors and every test known to man: MRI, Cat Scans, Breathing tests, allergy tests, etc. I had repeated pneumonia at the drop of a hat! It seemed like I was always getting pneumonia.

All the testing at the MDA Cancer center for several years never found a reason for my cough. When I moved to Seattle with this cough I went to my Doctor on Bainbridge and she sent me to a Lung specialist in Seattle. After trying for a year to clear my cough the Lunch specialist said “I can’t see the reason for your cough other than you have a haze in your lungs.”

When I told Elisha about the haze she was as confused as me as to what that meant. But she got to work to get rid of it…and my cough went away, and the haze went away. Why??? That girl sure knows where to stick you!

Then suddenly one day I was going up the stairs and realized I’m half way up without having to stop! I was shocked, but Elisha wasn’t. I’m proud to tell you I can now go all the way up the stars without taking a break! Just another added bonus of treatment!!!

Before I started working with Elisha I had been shallow breathing for the past TEN years since the radiation. She told me one day it would all start coming out of my lungs and they would be all clear. She was right. What came out was nasty to start let me tell you…then it turned dark like old blood..then I guess I coughed it all out!

Now I can breathe deeply, and I can laugh all I want without creating a coughing spell.

Elisha also introduced me to my favorite Essential Oils: Frankincense and the Relax blend. I also use four others in my diffuser, but those are my favorites.

No way can I tell you all the ways she has helped me. She genuinely cares about her clients and works really hard to help us. She has done more for me than all the specialists I’ve been going to for the past ten years.

Elisha is my ROCK!!
—Nita Boyle, Bainbridge Island

I’ve been told by practitioners of Western medicine that the pain in both my thumbs is due to overuse of computer keyboards, playing guitar, and sewing, activities that have been my livelihood for years. I don’t do much sewing and computer work anymore, but I play guitar and other instruments every single day. And of course I use my thumbs to do thousands of other daily activities –pulling on clothes, picking things up, opening doors, jars, toothpaste tube – you name it, turns out you use your opposable thumbs hundreds of times a day and there are only so many workarounds short of having a personal valet do everything for you. Indulgent notion, but not really what I want and not really an option anyway!
A couple of times in my life acupuncture has been effective when no other approach offered much relief or much hope. So when ignoring the pain in my thumbs was no longer possible, I looked for an acupuncturist close to home who might be able to help me with both short-term and long-term solutions. The fact that she is also trained in Chinese medicine is a major plus.
Elisha has been wonderful to work with. In only 5 sessions, my hands are nearly pain-free, and I played a two-hour gig last night without a hitch. I am deeply grateful to you, Elisha, for commitment to the healer within you, the dedication that it takes to sustain that, and the energy I KNOW it takes to run a business.
I want to say something about Elisha’s office as well. The minute I walked through the door, I felt both safe and respected. And very welcomed. The three treatment rooms are spread out enough to provide privacy and encourage peaceful relaxation. Support staff is professional but easy-going at the same time, and the whole place is spotless.
Can’t say thank you enough, Elisha!
—Claire Favro of Hank and Claire (

The truth of the matter about writing a review of my experience as a long time client of Elisha Weinberg is that for nearly ten years, I’ve had the same wonderful conversation with myself after each treatment. I think about how I feel and in my blissed-out state, I promise to share this with everyone I know…I shake my head and realize that the only reason people aren’t lined up around this house is because they have not discovered her power and ability to not only create a beautiful and nourishing space, but to heal nearly every ailment that stood in the way of my physical and spiritual path to wellness. But each time I thought about how to share the amazing healing Elisha provides, I’d get lost in how to get each beautiful little thing about her and the healing power she wields out of my head and out-loud on paper.

Elisha. She’s treated me for arthritis, headaches, endometriosis, fatigue, energy blocks, strained yoga knees…provided me with emotional, physical and spiritual guidance. I’ve suffered an unusual amount of pain due to the wonders of Lupus and nearly every physician I saw recommended heavy doses of pharmaceuticals…ones that came with potential side effects worse than my fatigue and aching body. I was committed to my long-term health and realized early on, that the best way back would be to get to the causes of my disease. Elisha’s weekly treatments when I first began seeing her helped transition my thinking from fear of pain and sickness to one of strength, peace and a road to vibrant health.

She has provided a perfect little bubble of a space to float in during the always-too-short appointment slot. A space where I’ve been blessed enough to experience her ability to heal, nourish and lift my being in the most powerful of ways. Her delicate touch and mastery of the use of essential oils gently guides my busy mind to a quiet meditation. And many of the visualizations she’s given me are an eternal gift that help me regenerate the beautiful peace I’ve experienced during every session – long after I’ve gone home.

Elisha is an amazing combination of strength and fragility, exhibiting a courage and truth in her commitment to being a healer. She’s a delicate super-power and I’m honored to experience her beauty and grace.

Lisa Nicole Taylor, Artist-Optician-Yogini-Believer

I had a distance healing with Elisha that rocked my world for days after! I’ve never had a session via Skype, so this was a new experience for me, but Elisha was so present I didn’t even feel the distance. She even sent me a picture of the card layout (we did a tarot reading) afterwards as well as her feedback, which was really amazing and helpful. She gave me concrete tools to work with on my own which accelerated the healing process for me. She’s quick, intuitive, grounded and direct, just my style! I would highly recommend a session with her if you are feeling an upcoming shift in your life or need a little bit of clarity during one of life’s whirlwinds. Thank you Elisha!

S. Nemri

I scheduled a session with Elisha partly for some new lower back pain, and partly because I was curious about acupuncture and intrigued by “shamanic acupuncture.” I had no idea what the latter was and only one prior experience with the former. And I didn’t think that would help my back because I was sure I knew the cause of the pain. But I also felt that there was a reason for me to be seeing Elisha.

There was. Elisha listens deeply. She listened to my words, and to my energy. She understood quickly something I was not clear about: that the source of the pain was not at all what my head was telling me it was, but it was coming from a disconnect between my head and my heart and my body. I had not been listening to the deepest intuitions, the messages I was getting from my heart about some major decisions in my life. I was allowing my head to argue against taking steps that I knew were right for me. She heard those messages and in our session she worked on making the connections, opening the heart and connecting with spirit.

I could feel the release of the tension and pain in my lower back. But there was something more that was lasting beyond the session and magical in ways difficult to describe. The experience was indeed a “dance with the divine” that led to feelings of inner completion and openings to new ways to continue on that path. The experience was a gift of powerful energy and healing and I hope to find occasions to continue with these sessions with Elisha.

Fred Henry

“How does one put into words an experience that helps you validate all you have ever “thought” or “guessed” was going on with your life? How do you express the lightness of being of having had a healing that helped clear you of obstacles getting in the way of achieving your higher purpose? I received all of this and so much more from my session with Elisha and I am eternally grateful and look forward to my next distance healing from Maui! Don’t we all need a little more aloha in our lives, that’s just an added bonus from a session with Elisha. Thank you so much for your gift!”

Rebecca Reuter

Elisha provides a service that I couldn’t have ever imagined better in my own mind.  To me, she is my Anam Cara, my soul friend and provides a physical link through her treatment to my non-physical self which I can recall and tap into any time after the appointment when I take the time to raise my own vibration through meditation or dance.  Every session I have, is unique as Elisha listens to which essential oils, flower essences, crystals or meditations will best assist in my treatment.  She is a true master at her craft and I wish those who are seeking transformation to higher levels of vibrational existence to be aware of her gifts.  This is the highest form of self-care that I have ever continually allowed for myself. Elisha you are a ROCKSTAR!

Shannon Fenster, M.S.

Elisha cuts to the chase–but in the most relaxing, blissful way. In one hour, she got to the essence of a chronic illness for which I’ve sought treatment from practitioners of all stripes over the course of several years. Her treatment was easy for me to integrate on all levels and I could sense that she was helping me move toward true wellness, not just temporary relief. Elisha’s hands are clearly the hands of a healer–she knew exactly what my body needed in each moment without my having to say a word. However, she was also deeply responsive to feedback about my internal experience. The only word I can think of to describe Elisha’s body-mind-spirit-earth holistic treatment is “shamanic”, even though she insists she is not a shaman. Even though she never said it, I felt like the overall message of the treatment was: ‘you’re already whole, you’re already well, you’re already taken care of, let’s just help all of you remember that.
Jeanell Innerarity, LMP

I went to Elisha’s acupuncture treatment expecting regular needles and some aromatherapy…what I received was a beautiful transformative healing dance of intuitive wisdom and profound clarity! Thank you Elisha for putting all of your high energy and enthusiasm into the treatment.  Your radiant light definitely shifted so many aspects of my mind, body and spirit! Cannot WAIT too see what the next session reveals!

Andrea Berset

Diagnosed as a child with an autoimmune disease almost ten years  ago, my symptoms have included everything from joint pain and swelling, fatigue, mouth sores and skin rashes as well as Raynaud’s. My only other experience with acupuncture was lying in a dark room with a bunch of needles stuck in the same spot every session. I often fell asleep, but never left feeling energized. Throughout my two-year on and off treatment (due to my school schedule), I also didn’t experience any lessening of my symptoms. My mom and I have literally tried everything available to help alleviate my symptoms without much luck. After seeing Elisha weekly, for almost two months, I have been almost completely symptom free and have an increased amount of energy. I look forward to my treatments with her, as each one is different and new, depending on how I have been feeling that week. We sit down before each session so that she can listen to not only what I have to say but what my body is telling her. She has the unique ability to tap into my body’s energy, and treat me wholly. I am currently in the process of weaning down on Prednisone and with Elisha’s intuitive nature and help from my Rheumatologist, my goal is to live a life without it. She’s everything I had hoped for and more. I am completely psyched to see her every week throughout my journey to wellness!
Maddie P.

I have a reverse cervical curve (my spine curves the wrong way in my neck) and a few bulging disks. I had been going to a chiropractor and massage therapist for a year with my neck going out once every 2 months at least to point where I could not turn my head and had constant back and neck pain. In addition to this I could not relax my shoulders/neck or upper back at all. I couldn’t even remember what it felt like to not be tense. I had constant headaches and constant back pain.

After a 1 hour session I left her office with full range of motion back to my neck and very little residual pain. I have been seeing her ever since and stopped going to chiro. At the beginning the tension and pain would return after a few days but as time went on the relief would last longer and longer and now I can actually force it to go away with rest and relaxation on my own.

I can’t tell you how amazing this is. Every morning I would wake up and groan getting out of bed. I had to take sleeping pills every night in order to sleep. Now I’m down to 1/4 pill and weening off of them the rest of the way. I’m sleeping through the night, I don’t get headaches anymore, even my menstrual cramps are 90% gone.

I am not the person that believed in this type of thing. I had seen acupuncturists before that didn’t help. I pay for this out of my pocket and believe it is worth every single cent. When she moved to Seattle I drove 30 minutes to continue seeing her (and I was a person scared to drive to Seattle!). My husband took me at first and would wait because he saw how much it changed my life. I do not have words strong enough to convey. Elisha is not the same as other acupuncturists, not even close. She is in a class of her own.
Christy S.

There are few words that can truly express the way I feel after a treatment with Elisha – but I’ll try . . . let’s start with the things she’s treated me for: arthritis, knee injury (over-zealous yoga day), headaches, menstrual cramps, shoulder injury, circulation, work-aholic stress, and a very important one for an artist – creativity block. Now each time I’ve seen her (many) was to address one of the above maladies, but what happens in addition to relief of said problems is my favorite part. This woman can move energy! I feel so good when I walk out of the treatment room. Like, better than a massage, yoga, or any other thing I do to relieve stress and feel peaceful. The smell of the essential oils she used knock my socks off and floats with me for hours. Nice:) I’ve had acupuncture before I met Elisha, and it was Nothing like what she does. I own a business, and have high expectations as a customer. I’d recommend Elisha’s services to anyone who wants to feel great. That’s pretty much everyone, I suppose. I’m so grateful I found her!
Lisa N.

I have been seeing Elisha for nearly a year and working on a variety of health issues. She is an incredibly gifted healer who treats her patients with compassion and caring. I have recovered significant mobility in my injured knee and made it through a bout of oral surgery with minimal bruising and swelling thanks to her skillful care. I would recommend Ayaffa to anyone!
Dorothy E.

You have to try acupuncture with Elisha. She is wonderfully talented at healing and taking care of you. One example (I have more than one) is what she did for my elbow/arm/wrist tendinitis. I had amazing results only after one session. I can also testify to her ability helping you to relax, it is amazing, she is the relaxation queen. Elisha respectfully focuses and tunes into her patients asking good questions and ultimately reaching outstanding results.
Janis G.

I started seeing Elisha at Ayaffa a little over a year ago for treatments for chronic back pain. I had been on narcotic pain relievers for many months and I knew I needed to get off of them. I decided to try an “alternative treatment” to see if acupuncture could help ease the pain so that I could stop taking the pain meds. I am so happy that I started treatments with her! Not only did the acupuncture help me with my back pain, but her “bedside manner” was very warm, sincere and caring. She always makes sure I am comfortable and makes me feel very relaxed and at ease. I would recommend Elisha to anyone.
Lori V.

My jaw hated me until I went to Elisha for treatment. After several custom acupuncture visits, my jaw and I have a more symbiotic relationship. Corporate stress led to my incessant clenching which resulted in insomnia, senstive teeth and ear popping. Now that I have been seeing Elisha, she takes incredible care of not only my jaw, but advises on other ailments such as my lactose intolerance and digestive difficulties. Anyone who has flirted with the idea of alternative paths to good health, I highly recommend you consult with Elisha.
Melissa R.

Whether it’s sleep you lack or you’re pretty sure your chi is missing – Ayaffa in Woodinville is the place to find them. Owned and operated by Elisha Weinberg, Ayaffa offers healing and relaxation through acupuncture, energy work and more. I visit Elisha for knee pain, pre-natal care or sometimes, because after weeks of eastside to city commutes to an executive job, I need some peace and relaxation! Ayaffa offers a wide variety of services for both men and women and promises a relaxing, healing experience. What more could you ask for?
Jane S.

I cannot recommend Elisha and the services at Ayaffa enough. She is a truly remarkable healer. I have dramatic results in my health every time I see her. I have made it a point now to see her on a monthly basis to make sure my health is finely tuned. Elisha takes time with you to understand your needs and concerns, and then prescribes an effective treatment plan for whatever ails you. Every time I go in, the whole experience is relaxing and fun. Elisha provides you with so many alternatives to today’s health issues that would normally require a more invasive approach by traditional western medicine. I am so grateful for what she has done for me!
Stephanie R., Bothell, WA.

Elisha has that rare gift of excellent technical skill and deep spiritual understanding of energy… love… and the healing power of intention. She moves seamlessly between the day-to-day expression of issues to listening skillfully to the ‘body-as-voice-box’ of the soul — and applying healing art.
Karen B.

I found Elisha while researching acupuncturists in the area. I spent a good week trying to pick the perfect one for me. I had narrowed it down to three when I was just about to stop searching. Suddenly, Elisha Weinberg popped up. I can’t tell you why or how but something inside me said, “She’s the one!” I was relieved to have been so sure of something since I had been battling deep depression, high anxiety, sleepless nights, painful menses, and to top it off…Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s over 10 years ago and had obtained depression and anxiety through the medication I was prescribed, for my disease. I had tried gastroenterologists, gynecologists, physicians, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, surgeons, the list goes on. You name it…I saw them. None of these doctors had made a dent in my psychical/mental ailments. I was at the end of my rope and unable to see the light. After my first visit I felt different. I felt like I had just got back from a year long soul search in just one hour of treatment. I see Elisha once a week and it is always the highlight of my week. I feel completely calm in her presence. I’m still amazed that all these issues I had at my first session are hardly a problem anymore. She has an exceptional healing touch and energy. She is not just an acupuncturist. She has an all in one approach. She listens and truly cares. I feel like I’ve got my authenticity back, my passion for life, and my charisma! Thank you, Elisha!
Katie P.

Elisha is a profoundly gifted practioner who manages to get to the core of whatever is stuck in you and gracefully and thoughtfully manages to align your body, mind, and soul. She has created an environment that is totally relaxing and healing. Its the only “errand” that I do that my seven year old son gladly comes with and hangs out in her beautiful, peaceful waiting room. I love how I feel after a visit to Ayaffa and its an integral part of my plans to live a healthy and active life.

I absolutely love working with Elisha! She is so much more than just an acupuncturist, she is a true healer. She listens with compassion and is extremely skilled. I now see her on a regular basis, several times a month, because I know that whatever ails me, either physically or spiritually, she will help me feel better and truly heal myself. It is a blessing to have someone to turn to when the “traditional” medical doctors say there either is no issue or there is nothing they can do. She has treated me for a whole range of ailments — including pelvic pain, ear pain, TMJ pain and allergies — using acupuncture, herbs, and acutonics (deep sound vibrations). She has also treated my 5 year old daughter and is great with children. If you want to work with someone who will be your partner in helping you live a balanced and healthier life, call Elisha!
Beth D.

I’m very happy to have this opportunity to share my experiences as Elisha’s client. I have a chronic condition that has taken me to many different healers, in many different modalities. Elisha is one of the most gifted healers I’ve encountered. What impressed me first was her enthusiasm about acupuncture, Acutonics and Chinese herbs. She believes whole-heartedly in these modalities and communicates this passion in everything she does. This confidence assures even the most uncertain client that they’re in the right place. Similarly, I was impressed by Elisha’s attitude toward disease. She never suggested that I was coming to her as a “sick” person. I simply had a very treatable imbalance. This attitude was key to developing the hope and sense empowerment I was able to bring to my own healing.

I suppose the most impressive and valuable gift that Elisha brings to her practice is the healing power of her touch. After just a couple of treatments I enjoyed a significant improvement in my overall state of being. After time, I realized that the moment I got on the treatment table I felt instantly better, even before the first needle went in! Elisha’s presence and my confidence in her abilities were enough to bring immediate relaxation. And this, I believe, allowed for deeper and longer-lasting benefits. I tell everyone I know, “This woman is gifted!” I feel very fortunate to have been in her care.
Lisa C.

I have followed Elisha from her beginnings as a student in Chinese Medical school because I was hooked from her first treatment! I would, however, like to speak to her ability to manage trauma. Recently, I had a relatively severe bicycle accident that burned off most of the skin on my left side and fractured my pelvis. In addition to home office calls while I was unable to walk, Elisha quickly put together a health care team consisting of Cranial Sacral Therapies and Chiropractic. In addition to the Acupuncture and herbal therapies, these other treatments got me walking far in advance of the projected timelines. Elisha’s knowledge and treatment plans in this situation have changed what could have taken all summer to heal, into a quick and total recovery. I highly recommend her for whatever ails you.
Clark J.

Dear Elisha— I want to tell you how thrilled I am with the results of my treatment with you. I have struggled with acne and sensitive skin almost as long as I can remember since I was a teenager. In fact, last summer as I was turning 38, not only was I still dealing with acne, but started developing symptoms of Rosacea. When I finally started coming to you for treatment, the results were almost immediate. Within two weeks the redness was leaving my skin and I stopped experiencing flushing. My breakouts were less severe right away, too. Now, after 6 months of treatment and using Spirit of Beauty products, my skin is looking great. For the first time in my adult life I am not embarrassed by my skin’s appearance. I am seeing an incredible amount of rejuvenation, and when I do have a breakout it is much smaller, less severe, and resolves more quickly than ever before. My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!

I have never been to an acupuncturist before, but my accountant told me I needed to see Elisha…for a badly sprained ankle…I mean it was bad, I couldn’t walk at all…I crawled up her steps…and after her amazing treatment…I walked (okay, hobbled) out of there…It was truly amazing! I am so thankful that I was able to fully recover in half the time the hospital said it would take!!! Woo-Hoo!
Ann, Ann Chase Photography

After injuring myself while weight lifting and having a negative MRI, my physician told me to come back in 60 days if the pain didn’t go away. In the mean time, my hobbling around caused my sciatic nerve to become irritated. I tried to relieve the pain through chiropractic and massage with only temporary relief. A week before my follow up exam I followed through on a referral to Elisha. Within two sessions I went from pain that prevented me from sitting for any length of time and sleepless nights to being 95% pain free and sleeping through the night! Elisha is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone who has any kind of pain. Cheers,
Mark Madison

I am fairly new to the acupuncture experience and didn’t quite know what to expect…WOW! During the treatment, I feel like I am in another world with no daily stresses. After the treatment, I not only feel like I have had a whole night’s sleep, I have an incredible sense of well-being that stays with me. I would recommend Elisha to any and everyone (and I already have).

My acutonics treatment with Elisha was an otherworldly experience. I felt so at peace as she stimulated various points on my body with the tuning forks. The melodious sound washed over my body giving me a sense of strength and clarity that I have never felt from a treatment before.
Jen C.

I called Elisha when I hurt my shoulder. It has hurt on and off for about 2 years along with an increasingly stiff neck and back. She made room for me that night and I went in with a stiff and painful shoulder and neck. By the end of her treatment the pain I had been experiencing was gone and 4 days later still does not hurt. She used a number of different methods of healing with me, the combination of which was gentle and exactly what I needed. She is truly a gifted healer.
Gennifer Zentz

I’m in my early fifties and I’ve been hearing for a number of years that I don’t look fifty. I’m not exactly sure what the real fifty is supposed to look like, but decided I didn’t want to find out. I started to look closer in the mirror and try to notice if a wrinkle or line increased over the course of a week. I was thinking this skin aging could sneak right up and take over. My Grandma would be proven right that all of the years of sun worship and Ivory soap washing would cause wrinkles. How fortunate I happened to hear this amazing woman, Elisha Weinberg on a radio show talking about Ayaffa and her facial lifts. After talking to Elisha initially I wasn’t sure I could follow any regimen/protocol where I needed to wash my face a.m. and p.m. and apply products in a specific order. However, something was different about the way she believed from her heart in the products and the facials that I committed to a package of 8. What a wonderful journey. I looked forward to each and every facial and now plan to return at least monthly for ongoing tune-ups. I can’t imagine not having this incredible pampering from Elisha available. I look forward to washing my face a.m. and p.m. and applying each and every Spirit of Beauty product. Thank you Elisha for saving me from hearing the voice of my Grandma’s “I told you so”. Treat yourself and you will be on the leading edge of the facial fountain of youth!
Linda B

Elisha puts her heart and soul and wisdom into each treatment. The facials are the most transcendent body work I have ever received. It is pure bliss, it is deeply relaxing and healing and one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I was skeptical after the first few treatments but Elisha said I wouldn’t see significant results until after the 4th treatment and sure enough, my skin looks so much better after #4. It is glowing and fine lines are beginning to disappear. I am very happy and would love to do them forever!
Cheryl C

I was fortunate to have crossed paths with Elisha at Seattle’s Green festival. It was very busy there and I did not get the chance to talk to her but I entered her drawing for a free acupuncture face lift. I was thrilled when I received an email a few days later notifying me that I had won!

This treatment went way above and beyond my expectations. Elisha is an incredible healer and has a very nurturing and rejuvenating space. She has a very accurate intuition that allows her to address all the areas that need attention. I am a massage therapist and am very picky about who works on me. It is very hard to find someone like Elisha that is so grounded and able to tune into her client with undivided attention. The treatment I received was much more than a facial; it was a profound healing experience. I am now more grounded, centered and relaxed than I have been in a long time. I am so grateful for this amazing experience.
Carissa Garrard

I have been seeing Elisha and using the Spirit of Beauty products for two months now. The results have been amazing! As a teenager and an adult, I experienced decades of cystic acne. As a result of the acne, I have lived with acne scars that were difficult to recognize until my skin began to change in my mid forties. I assume the change was due to decreased collagen. For years, I had routinely treated my skin aggressively to stop the production of oil and to limit outbreaks. In my mid forties this was becoming more and more difficult because my skin had also become dry. I had tried many different types of facial products, including peals and micro derma abrasion, searching for what to do next without any lasting results until I met Elisha.

Elisha explained that my skin was very dry and needed more oil which, of course, worried me after years of praying for no oil! The Spirit of Beauty products are nurturing and hydrating to the skin and I was hesitant to use them, but after the initial treatment my skin looked amazingly different. Since then I have religiously used the Spirit of Beauty products and now enjoy healthier, younger looking skin. Acupuncture also eliminates scaring so my acne scares have definitely decreased. So much so, that I frequently do not wear any makeup because my skin looks naturally beautiful!
Marie Manuchehri R. N., Energy Intuitive

Bliss… pure bliss. I have never had a treatment where I actually felt like a Goddess before. Like I was the most pampered person in the universe. Elisha says she nurtures souls, and she does. The experience was like a journey through all my senses. The music soothed me while her hands were so gentle yet releasing. The neck rub is what I remember most… and all the hot towels… they were perfect. Afterward my skin was radiant. It actually felt alive. While the aroma of the products first smelled strong to me, now they are what I crave first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. I have created a whole new ritual around giving myself this gift for my skin and for my soul. The texture of my skin is changing and my eyes are even brighter. Each facial seems better than the last and my face keeps looking younger. Elisha is so talented on so many levels. She not only makes you feel totally comfortable but she heals what ails you. I have a very stressful and demanding job — but it all seems like a distant memory after her treatments. Even if you think your skin is perfect (I did) I strongly suggest signing on with Elisha before she’s got a waiting list… it would be awful to have to wait for this! Pampered beyond belief,
Fiona W.

The soft hum of the tuning forks is utterly relaxing, nicely punctuating the beginning and end of the healing experience. As I drifted in and out of a blissful slumber all worries seemed to melt away. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes I felt peace and contentment. The acupuncture was a revelation; I could feel the years of acne scars leaving my face, as if a weight had been lifted. My facial muscles, normally clenched and sore, softened under Elisha’s care. Leaving the office I could feel the lingering resonance of the tuning forks, reminding my body to maintain the balance and calm achieved during the treatment. After the treatment the skin around my eyes was firm and lifted, and I felt relaxed and incredibly invigorated. Even my husband complimented me on my youthful glow! I would recommend this to everyone who wants to return to having beautiful youthful skin, or for those who want to stay there indefinitely!
Rachel B.

Elisha’s facial was absolutely entrancing. I spent an hour and a half feeling absolutely pampered and relaxed. The Spirit of Beauty products that she uses in the facial were so luxurious; I absolutely fell in love with them. The scents with in them were beautiful and it was great to have such a natural and locally produced product introduced to me. As for results, I had some acne scaring that I was extremely self conscious about, and when I looked in the mirror the night after my first facial, they had significantly diminished. That was after just one treatment! I firmly believe Elisha has put together a mind-blowing package that really puts the “traditional” spa facial to shame.
Susan Patton

I am a 59 year old woman and have completed 4 of my 8 acupuncture facials with Elisha. I am delighted with the results. My husband who wasn’t totally a believer in this process; told me the other day that the lines on my forehead are getting less pronounced. I did not ask him for this comment it just came out. Elisha uses her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, wonderful Spirit of Beauty products and facial techniques to make my skin more taut and youthful. Elisha’s demeanor and peaceful treatment space nourishes my spirit. I always leave her space feeling totally relaxed. I am looking forward to the results of my next 4 treatments since the first four provided such a dramatic improvements. Thank you, Elisha.
Hedy Dachel

Recently I’ve begun a facial/acupuncture program with Elisha Weinberg. Having never done either, it has been a completely new experience for me. I must say, I’ve found it to be a lovely hour and a half escape from the stresses of the day. It’s an incredibly relaxing treatment that makes me feel oh so self-indulgent. So far, I’ve had 2 treatments and used the recommended products exclusively for 2 weeks. I can truthfully say that I’m very happy with the results. My skin looks and feels wonderful — glowing and soft. The wrinkle areas that Elisha has targeted with acupuncture are noticeably improved in depth and appearance. Surprisingly, the needles do not hurt at all and the facial massage is heaven. I could fall asleep I’m so relaxed but I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of the pampering!
Randy H.

I will fully and happily admit to being skeptical of the very idea of combining needle prods with a usually calming and relaxing facial. However, I was up against a wall. I had a big family event looming in a few days and I needed all the help I could get! Elisha is located in a charming village in Woodinville, and I really felt like I was at a special retreat. As Elisha starts to work with gentle and steady hands, delightful scents of lavender and other wonderful botanical notions from amethyst-lined bottles immerse the air — removing all cares and worries from my mind. She placed warm stones between my toes and massaged my feet and calves in addition to my neck and shoulders. Elisha delicately worked her craft around my face persuading my “chi” to flow to appropriate areas of my face reducing my lines, firming my skin and reducing the bags under my eyes. Looking at myself in the mirror after the treatment was a complete shock! The skin of my face felt firm, soft and looked years younger than when I arrived. There was no oily residue or shine like other facials I’ve had. It was truly amazing. I plan to go back every month!
Liz R. Former Dowdy middle-age client

I have been using the Spirit Of Beauty products for years. Elisha recommended that I have a Spirit Of Beauty Facial Lift to compliment the products and really give a boost to my facial regimen. I was hesitant to book a Facial Lift primarily due to my intense phobia of needles. I thought my skin was looking good considering my 58 years but I decided to make the appointment. My experience started with a consultation with Elisha, the acupuncturist. I learned how some of my current health concerns were tied with some of my skin issues. I, for instance, had no idea that Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs were used to treat Menopause. I was nervous about the needles, but the treatment was over and I only experienced bliss! The results on my face were very noticeable! A deep wrinkle that was located between my eyes had disappeared. It has not returned a month later! My skin is much firmer and healthier looking! My cheekbones are more defined. The Ayaffa Facial Lift gave me a higher level of spa treatment than I had ever experienced as well as incredible results! The Acupuncture changed something in my body and I look forward to my next treatment… this time without any hesitation. I whole-heartedly recommend this treatment to everyone… whether you think you need it or not!
Michelle M. 58 going on 40?

I went to Elisha for a nagging knee problem.  I immediately loved her energy and vibe.  She used various modalities and each time I visited I came out feeling relaxed and peaceful.  Even though we had to cut our number of treatments short, I still feel a vast improvement in my knee’s strength.

Not only did she help my knee, she immediately picked up on an emotional issue I’ve been struggling with for years.  Just by acknowledging it and releasing it, I feel so much better about it.

Elisha is different (in a good way) than any other healer I have been to and I would highly recommend her.
Pam N.