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One Sound

I am reading this book. It’s slow going. I keep coming back to it. It’s called Our Soul’s Destiny. This author is a hypnotherapist who apparently takes people deeper than usual into a state of hypnosis and they can remember who they are when they are not in their human form…when they are just a soul. And by “just” I clearly don’t mean “just…” but…you know what I mean.

Anyway…without getting into the details of this book, he takes us through conversations with folks in different levels of their ascension and one high level soul recounts that above it all….she hears one sound. And he asks her if that is the sound of God…and she says something like no…the sound of everything.

The sound of everything, the last time I checked…is Om.

So what does that potentially mean to you? Well, it could mean absolutely nothing. Of course it could mean that every time you sit, or every time you are still and you sing…or chant…or even think Om…then you are connecting and aligning yourself with your absolute highest potential.

Pretty simple. Pretty awesome.

Looking for a way to attain “enlightenment.”

I guess it could start with a single, beautiful, sound. It is possible that somethings in life are just that simple.