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One Beauty Tip you will never forget!

Ready?  I’m mean are you really ready?  This may change your life forever and there is no going back.

Here it is…

Believe you are beautiful.

Let me say that again.  Believe, with all your heart and soul, that you are beautiful.


Not good enough?  Need me to tell you how to fix this or that?  Need me to tell you what your color is or what product can change your complexion for ever?

Excuse me for being blunt for a moment, but…grow up.

Haven’t you been around long enough to know they photoshop all those pictures and EVERYONE has cellulite?  Haven’t you figured out that dieting doesn’t work…ever.  Sure it does for a month, maybe 2, maybe 6 if you are really really paying attention…but then a holiday comes and boom you manage to gain back all your weight in a month…and then some.

Let me repeat my tip.

Believe you are beautiful.

It’s not a mind trick.  It’s not a diversion.  It’s reality.  If you can dig down inside and see WHO you are.  Grab a sheet of paper and write that shit down.  I am beautiful because….and list away.  List like you have never listed before.  You love your eyelashes…write it down.  You love that you give your leftovers to the homeless men and women on the street?  You love that you have a true smile that is easy and genuine?  You love that your heart is open and full?  You love that you share?  You love that you have a network of people who love you?

Write it all down.  Not just about your body, but about YOU.

Post that list around your home.  On mirrors.  And every time you are in that room…read it.  Feel it in your heart, in your belly, in your core, in your feet, in your head.    Look at yourself and see more then the silly skin-bag we are trained to only notice.  Begin to see these things in other people as well.

You want to stop binge eating?  Start loving yourself.  You want to start loving yourself?  Start finding out what makes you YOU…what makes you part of the sun and stars and moon and what makes you beautiful inside and out.

Got it?

Need help?

Get in here…we can work on it together.  I am 100% positive you are freaking gorgeous!